Aprilie 2024

How is bee bread made? How to make bee bread at home?
Is royal jelly good for men?

Martie 2024

Willow honey from nectar and from honeydew

January 2024

Is the most expensive honey in the world worth the money?
How do bees see flowers? A new camera can tell us more.

September 2023

What honey can we find in Italy? How is Italian honey? Sweet as the country!
How is French honeysuckle honey and where can we find it?

August 2023

What happens to manuka honey when it’s heated?
Who won 2023 London Honey Awards? What is the best honey in 2023? 
The best honeys in 2023 according to competitions held in Paris and Dubai

July 2023

Can manuka honey heal impetigo?
How to cool yourself on hot days of summer?

June 2023

How to treat menopausal symptoms? Try royal jelly!
Make sure you buy genuine manuka honey! Check this list!

February 2023

Boost your resilience with this Blue Honey!

June 2022

What is the bee bread composition?
Bee Bread has antimicrobial potency against Staphylococcus aureus
What is the best low-cost treatment for burns?

April 2022

One amazing fact about bees: cannot fly over a mirror or a still lake!

January 2022

How is evodia honey? Ever heard of bee bee tree?

April 2021

What is honey powder and how to use it?

February 2021

Nigella sativa, equal or better than proposed drugs!

December 2020

What is frankincense honey?
What is MeliBio? Fake honey or future honey?

October 2020

Supplements for Covid-19? Try honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly!

September 2020

Again about the most expensive honey in the world. What is centauri honey?

August 2020

What is mad honey? Medicinal honey with recreational bonus!

June 2020

What is Jara Honey from Georgia?

May 2020

Nigella Sativa may protect against COVID-19, but it has nothing to do with chloroquine!
What’s the result of the supercomputer searching for the treatment of COVID19?

March 2020

What to do to prevent coronavirus infection?
What is a virus – explained in plain English. Coronavirus: forms, treatment, prevention.

February 2020

How to fight flu naturally

January 2020

Can I take honey in diarrhea?
How to kill H. pylori
What kills H pylori naturally? Does mastic gum kill H pylori?

December 2019

How to get rid of period pains
Is propolis good for diabetes and obesity? It is, indeed.

November 2019

How to protect liver while drinking

October 2019

Is honey good for cancer?

September 2019

Why do bears like honey and my cat doesn’t?
Is the best honey in the world really the best honey of all? Meet the winner of 2019!

August 2019

A visit to Bee Museum, an amazing place I found in Rhodes, Greece
Canada protects its people from eating fake honey!
The rare and delicious apple honey

July 2019

How to kill Pseudomonas aeruginosa or Burkholderia spp.

June 2019

What is loquat honey good for?

May 2019

Propolis protects kidneys and reduces proteinuria
How to boost the organic egg production in the hot days of summer

April 2019

How to treat vaginitis naturally. Have you tried propolis?
Propolis prevents and treats aluminum toxicity. Remember this and minimize the exposure.

March 2019

How to cure hemorrhoids naturally? Is honey good for piles?
How to boost the immune system naturally. Part 1
How to boost the immune system naturally – Part 2
How to boost the immune system fast? Try propolis!
What is Mad honey from Turkey, aka Deli Bal, and what is it good for?

February 2019

A natural treatment for flu and colds
How to cure breast cancer naturally
What is almond honey? And where is it?
Royalactin from royal jelly keeps stem cells in embryonic, pluripotent state.
Is honey good for ulcer? Does manuka honey kill Helicobacter pylori?

January 2019

What is cannabis oil for and where is CBD oil legal?
What is ulmo honey? Is it better than manuka honey?
Honey is an effective natural treatment for MRSA infection. Which honeys have the highest antibacterial power?

December 2018

Manuka honey makes the best energy boosting supplements for aerobic exercise
What is aloe vera and what is it good for?
What about aloe vera benefits when combined with honey? Here are 13 recipes that may help.

November 2018

Start beekeeping. Free Android app that helps you manage your apiary.
Rainforest honey aka Tualang honey – an exotic, tasty and healthy ambrosia!
What is PDO honey and PGI honey?
What is cranberry honey?

October 2018

What is UMF and how to read the label of manuka honey
What is carob honey? A powerful antioxidant chocolate treat!
What about manuka honey’s strong antibacterial properties? What makes it so special?
What is Sahara honey? Good antimicrobial honey produced in the Saharan oases.
Euphorbia honey aka Spurge honey or Daghmous honey is the most appreciated honey in Morocco.

September 2018

Acacia mangium honey, made from a real acacia tree
Fake manuka honey? Here are the true markers of genuine New Zealand Manuka honey!
The best treatment for flue? Manuka honey can help you here!

August 2018

Health benefits of Trigona honey (aka kelulut honey)
What is HMF? An indicator of fake honey or processed honey.
What types of honey can we find in Malaysia?
What are the health benefits of eating honey from Malaysia?
What is nenas honey?
What is durian honey?
What is rubber honey?

July 2018

Wondering how to treat bronchitis naturally? Try a special honey: BronchoMel.
Stop aging now! Try lotus bee pollen and be surprised!
Is tualang honey (aka rainforest honey) an alternative treatment for breast cancer?
What is kelulut honey or trigona honey?

June 2018

Do you have low blood sugar after exercising? Eat some honey. But don’t do it in bodybuilding!
First aid in case your baby swallowed a battery!
“Does honey help burns?” People are still reluctant but honey is one of the best treatments for a burn!

May 2018

Taking a selfie in a canola field might be a dangerous adventure. Why are bees aggressive?
The therapy with DEAD BEES offers interesting health benefits!
A natural treatment for swelling, hives, urticaria and sore throats
Drinking water which was placed on a beehive has many heath benefits!
6 most common honeys from Tunisia
Romanian honey

April 2018

What is saffron honey? One tasty honey good for sex life and so much more!
What is beechwood honey? One premium honey from New Zealand.
What is Surgihoney? One of the best ways to heal infected wound.
Why can’t you give honey to babies?
Gamma irradiated honey is safer than raw honey and with the same antibacterial power!
Sleeping above beehives – another way of treating ourselves with bees’ help

March 2018

What honey is the best for me?
What is spruce honey?
What gives honey its aroma?
Longan Honey benefits? It’s a powerful antimicrobial honey.
Fireweed honey
Horehound honey
What are the health benefits of lemon water and honey? Can we lose weight?
Do not eat manuka honey in IBS!

February 2018

Sugars in honey and why honey is so sweet
What is artificial honey or fake honey? What we have in our food!
Can I have honey in IBS?
Does honey raise blood sugar? Does honey make you fat?
What is strawberry tree honey?
Health benefits of strawberry tree honey

January 2018

How is cotton honey?
Are there pesticides in honey?
Black Mangrove Honey and why we have less and less of it
How is fennel honey?
How to treat cold symptoms, especially in children
Royal jelly is one of the best natural remedies for breast cancer
What is the best treatment for herpes?

December 2017

Greek types of honey and why they are so special!
News from beekeeping: beginners increase their number as never before

November 2017

What are the health benefits of bee bread?
The 45th Apimondia Congress. A great success for honey bees and humans alike.
Avocado honey is good for anemia and tastes like no other honey!
What is mad honey? Is it dangerous? Where can I find it?
Rhododendron honey

October 2017

Here is another natural treatment for pollen allergies. Start taking it in autumn!
Your grandpa isn’t eating enough? Try a natural supplement recommended for old people: bee pollen. 
What is the difference between beebread, aka bee bread, and bee pollen?

September 2017

What supplements to take in enlarged prostate? Or prostatitis?

August 2017

What is blackberry honey and what is it good for?
Willow bee pollen – food that improves blood circulation and is very nutritious!
Bee Pollen Composition
How to take bee pollen

July 2017

Can I keep bees in my backyard? Yes. Meet the city bees!
What is moringa honey? And what is moringa leaf powder?

June 2017

Noni honey aka morinda honey. And what is noni juice good for?

May 2017

What is the best manuka honey? From what brand?
What is metcalfa honey?
Is New Zealand manuka honey BETTER than Australian manuka honey?
You know about raw manuka honey benefits, but do you know if your manuka honey is not a fake?

April 2017

Take your medicine with honey. It will enhance its power!
Proteins in honey
Minerals and trace elements in honey
Ayurvedic honeys in India. A different but natural and effective way of healing.

March 2017

Gallberry honey – one of the best honeys in Georgia and Florida
Propolis is a natural supplement for asthma management.
The Honey Bee Algorithm – another help from the honey bees
What is the Best Honey in the World? Apimondia can give an answer.
How to treat a SINUS INFECTION. Here are 6 natural alternatives.

February 2017

Royal jelly is an efficient natural treatment for diabetes type 2
Contraindications and side-effects of royal jelly
What is sourwood honey

January 2017

Can royal jelly be an efficient natural treatment for lupus?
The best oregano honey comes from Morocco!
What is royal jelly good for and how to take it.
2017 brings bad news for manuka honey lovers!
What supplements lower cholesterol and normalize blood pressure? Have you tried royal jelly?

December 2016

Can manuka honey treat sinus infection? Are there some other natural alternatives?
Anzer honey protects liver and treats tonsil infection!
The most expensive honey in the world is sold for 5000 euro per kilogram. Scam or not?

November 2016

Florida raw organic honey made from SAW PALMETTO and SABAL PALMETTO
A few ideas for presents: useful, healthy, sweet and easy to buy!

October 2016

Blueberry honey has a strong antioxidant and antimicrobial power
What is Tupelo honey?
Go to the Halloween party dressed as a bee family! Plead for their safety and have lots of fun!

September 2016

Coffee Honey aka Coffea Arabica Honey
What is JARRAH HONEY? And what kills Candida?
Is Berringa Honey aka Australian Super Manuka Honey aka Jelly bush Honey better than MANUKA HONEY?
Can diabetics eat MANUKA HONEY?
What gives honey its antimicrobial power?
What bacteria can honey kill?

August 2016

What is leatherwood honey?
Our raw honey can poison us!
Australian box honeys
Australian Eucalyptus Honeys: River Red Gum, Blue Gum, Messmate and so many others.

July 2016

Heating honey kills enzymes. But is boiled honey toxic?
What is citrus honey?
How to treat a dog’s wound
How to treat a dog’s allergies
How to treat a dog’s arthritis naturally
Health benefits for coconut oil. Is it good for thyroid conditions? What else?

June 2016

Himalayan Red Honey – aka mad, toxic, hallucinogenic honey from Nepal.
Phacelia honey – good for our health and yummy for the bees!
Dandelion honey benefits – another way to naturally reduce gastric acidity
Real rosemary honey and its good health benefits
Honey cappings make the best healthy chewing gum! Ever!
How to lose weight fast and naturally. See what are the horseradish benefits for health

Mai 2016

Why is honey so valuable? What are polyphenols and what are they good for?
Eat honey! It’s good for your heart problem!
Cannabis honey. Is it possible?

April 2016

Honey is a natural remedy for conjunctivitis. And other eye diseases.

March 2016

Eating healthy is useless. How can we be healthy and happy?
What kills Staphylococcus aureus? Does manuka honey kill MRSA?
Deciphering manuka honey: UMF15+, MGO400, 24+ Bio Active, KFactor16, TA. And LOTS OF FRAUDS.

February 2016

Find an apitherapist in the USA
Bashkir honey, the most expensive honey in the world, food for astronauts!
Buckwheat honey – the most powerful antioxidant honey!
What cures asthma? Here is a solution from apitherapy: aerosols from the hive!
Alfalfa honey aka lucerne honey
What is sage honey good for?

January 2016

A new dispute on manuka honey market: Is it toxic or not?
January’s health recipe. Treat your sore throat naturally.
Honey and ginger may prevent and treat cancer. Is there any evidence to confirm it?
What are the enzymes present in raw honey? Why are they important?
Natural antioxidants in honey. Do we really need antioxidant supplements?

December 2015

Here are my best 2 recipes for December. One for the body, one for the soul!
Neem and neem honey: unbelievable health benefits! Another panacea from India
The celebration of manuka honey. Is MGO700 better than MGO300? Is manuka honey toxic?
How is manuka honey tested? Can we trust those tests?

November 2015

What stimulates immunity? What protects us from colds? Here is November’s health recipe.
Is it true that X-Rays give us cancer in 20 years? How can we protect ourselves from radiation?
Natural products that counteract the side effects of radiation

September 2015

What is Ayurveda? Can a westerner use Ayurveda to heal himself?
How big is the danger of killer bees? Will they invade the whole planet?
The truth about psoriasis natural treatments: honey, propolis, bee venom or other natural products.
Save the bees and plant some melliferous flowers, aka honey plants!
Eucalyptus honey
What’s the best honey in the world? What’s so special at the Romanian honey?

August 2015

What causes CCD? Do pesticides kill bees? Or radiations? Pathogens? Aliens?
Bee venom – a potential natural treatment for HIV
Honey and walnuts health benefits: treat anemia, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure. And make a reliable aphrodisiac!
Do bees bite? Yes! And sting, too. Are honey bees aggressive? No. Almost…..
Short review of different kinds of bee hives

July 2015

Lavender Honey – a honey for health benefits
Honey benefits for health. 10 recipes of home made recipes with honey.
Coriander honey – one of the best cure of constipation and flatulence
Neonicotinoids are poison to bees and our honey!
Einstein said: “If the bees disappear…” – Give me a break, Einstein!

June 2015

Revamil medical grade honey. Comparison to manuka honey.
What are oligolectic bees?
Viper’s Bugloss honey (Echium vulgare honey)
Borage honey

May 2015

Maharishi Honey seems to be better than Manuka Honey! And is not the only one.
Kanuka Honey treats acne and rosacea! What is kanuka honey?
Manuka honey – THE BEST to treat wounds, burns, skin infections.
Rapeseed honey aka rape honey, perfect for your ulcer diet!
Heather honey has a great taste and is a powerful antioxidant
Sweet chestnut honey
What is honeydew honey?
Pine honey health benefits
The golden honey. What is turmeric good for?
Activon – a medical grade honey for wounds review
Medihoney wound dressing review
Xtrasorb – the best in the list of wound care dressings. Product review.
Medihoney dressings – the best wound care dressing products

April 2015

Composition of propolis
Is propolis antibacterial? Can it kill bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites?
Propolis protects liver, has anti-radiation effect, boosts immunity and has anti-inflamatory activity.
How to make dandelion honey. What is it good for?
How to take propolis tincture? Here is some folk medicine.
How to make propolis tincture
Forms of bee propolis: ointment, pills, essence, spray, syrup, toothpaste and?
Propolis: a natural treatment for oral health
Propolis treats otorhinolaryngologic and respiratory diseases
Propolis is one of the best rejuvenate skin care products
Acacia honey is made of false acacia!
What is melaleuca honey? Or gelam honey? Why so many different names?
Gelam honey makes the cancer cells commit suicide!
Is manuka honey a natural treatment for MRSA? Is it the best?

March 2015

The honey bee QUEEN
Body parts of a bee. The worker bee.
Unbelievable things about honey bees!
What is a drone bee?
Is honey a natural treatment to cancer?
Thyme honey
Clover honey
What is mead wine?
How to make mead at home!
Do you want a homemade mead recipe?
Types of Mead
Honey Vinegar- What is honey vinegar and what is it good for?
This 9000 years old booze is back on top. Let’s all mead now!
From where to buy mead wine?
Black seed & honey – a natural cure. Cancer is gone!
How to cure HIV? The black seeds, Nigella Sativa, have the answer!
Nigella Sativa, the black seeds, can cure every disease. Come on…
Manuka Honey
Propolis can prevent and treat LEUKEMIA and CANCER
Brazilian Green Propolis health benefits

February 2015

Honey in history: Ancient India
Honey in history: Ancient Greece
Honey and Alzheimer’s natural treatment
Bee venom a possible natural treatment for Parkinson’s disease
Bee venom for therapy: Alzheimer’s disease
Bee venom for therapy: arthritis. What is apipuncture?
Bee venom for therapy: Multiple Sclerosis
Bee venom for therapy: homeopathic remedies
Venom Immunotherapy or How to treat bee sting allergy for good!
Bee venom for therapy: general information
Honey in the Bible
Honey in the Koran
The jobs of a bee. What is the life of a bee?

January 2015

Onion and honey: a natural remedy for bacterial infection!
Ikaria honey or What is the secret for a long life?
Tualang honey. What is tualang honey?
Tualong honey benefits for health
Sidr Honey
Sidr honey benefits for health
Are there vitamins in honey? Er, NO?!
What is processed honey?
What is the difference between pure honey and raw honey?
Sunflower honey
Honey in history. Prehistory, Ancient Egypt, Ancient China.

December 2014

Fake honey! Do you really know what you’re eating?
Mad honey – Are you high?
Royal jelly and fertility
What is the best bodybuilding supplement?
Royal Jelly health benefits
Seabuckthorn and honey or how to boost immune system naturally!

November 2014

Is Manuka Honey safe to eat?
How to kill antibiotic resistant bacteria
I want to buy manuka honey. What is UMF 16+, MGO 400+, Active?
Mint Honey (Mentha Honey)
What is the best cream for wrinkles?
Sleep disorders cures

October 2014

The best natural remedies for colds – part 4
Alcohol detoxification with honey
LifeMel Honey
The Effects of Honey on Febrile Neutropenia

September 2014

Can honey treat allergy? Is it true?
The best natural remedies for colds – part 1
The best natural remedies for colds – part 2
Black radish – the black magic!
The best natural remedies for colds – part 3

August 2014

Honey and coffee for persistent post-infectious cough
Garlic – friend or foe?
Cold remedies with honey

July 2014

Can diabetics eat honey?
Can honey help you lose weight? The truth, please!
One of the best foods that fuel your brain!

June 2014

How to treat bee sting
Does honey help cough?
Honey benefits for athletes
Can bee pollen boost the sport performance?

April 2014

Cinnamon Honey Benefits
Cinnamon warning
Honey cures constipation

March 2014

What is fake honey?

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