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Who won 2023 London Honey Awards? What is the best honey in 2023? 

Who won 2023 London Honey Awards? What is the best honey in 2023? Where can we find it?

We want the best!
We may not be the best, but that doesn’t keep us from wanting the best! The best pizza, the best apartment, the best job and the best vacation.

The best honey depends on each person’s taste, but in order to stimulate production and competitiveness, we like to compete and take pride in our work. And of course, we do that to maximize marketing actions across the globe.

For honey, there are many annual competitions. One of the most important ones, not only for Europe, but for the entire world, is London Honey Award. “The word “London” is a Global trade mark. If you win a London Honey award, your #HONEY product will be famous around the world.” 

The purpose of the LONDON HONEY AWARDS competitions is to inform honey-growers, honey producers, beekeepers, processors, and retailers, who distribute their standardized products legally, to preserve and to ameliorate the quality of their branded product by promoting high-quality honey products in every aspect of the spectrum of its use and consumption.

All the samples were evaluated by the Jury Panel, consisting of 12 members from different countries.

the judges at the contest London Honey Award

Each judge carried out an organoleptic analysis of the products he tasted and recorded a numerical rating on the evaluation sheet. It represented the general sense of enjoyment (which weighed the most in the final rating) as well as other criteria, such as appearance, odor, texture, flavor, and mouth-feel.

– The 3 most important prizes were: Platinum Honey Award, Gold Honey Award and Silver Honey Award.
– The participation fee was €250 per brand.
– There were 2 categories: quality awards and packaging awards.
– The awards ceremony took place in London on the 8th of July.

So, in case you want to know if there is a honey brand from your country that has won the prize for “the best honey” here are the most awarded countries for the quality category:

Saudi Arabia (156 awards)– with lots of honey from the categories: Athel Honey, Sidr Honey, Talh Honey;
Greece (27 awards);
Spain (21 awards);
Turkey (15 awards) and many other 31 countries that received less than 6 awards. Among them: The US, New Zealand, Norway, Qatar, France, Australia, Jordan, Croatia, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Ukraine, Egypt, Sweden, Switzerland and so on.

Saudi Arabia was by far the winning country! You may say they are rich and can afford to pay the fee for each jar that enters the competition. True. But it was a blind evaluation, which proved that they do, indeed, have an incredible honey and that is why they won so many awards. Way to go bees and beekeepers!

As for the best honeys, here are the results:
Platinum awards: 53
Gold awards: 217
Silver awards: 27

In 2023 there are 53 best honeys in the world!

Mangrove honey – Abu Dhabi Mangrove, produced by Yibyab Honey, United Arab Emirates

Lavandula Honey  – Aldorm honey (Therapeutic Honey) by Meshal Alharthi,  Saudi Arabia

Acacia honey from different producers and countries:
– by Alnahal Aljwal. This company won 5 platinum awards: 3 with acacia honey, 1 with eucalyptus and 1 with ziziphus honeys. Definitely committed to do a good job with their honey.
– Flori De Miere Acacia produced by Institutul De Cercetare Si Dezvoltare Pt. Apicultura Bucuresti., Romania. (more on Acacia honey)
– Hanzelmez Acacia produced by Hanzelméz, Hungary
– Miele Italiano Acacia, by Apicoltura Luca Finocchio Di Luca Finocchio, Italy
– Samrah Honey, by Abo Hamza For Wild Honey, Saudi Arabia
– Sayal Honey, by Alkorbi Apiaries, Saudi Arabia
– Sayal Honey, by Adel Ibrahim Alsuwayni Alnahal Alrefee, Saudi Arabia
– Talah Honey, by Fahad Al Ghazi Honey, Saudi Arabia
– Talh Honey, by Alnashiby For Honey, by Salah Hazel Alshrari Apiaries, by Abdulkarim Saleh Alseif Alseif Apiaries , by Khaled Almulayfi, by Al-Zaytouna Apiaries For Wild Honey, by Al-Arid Valleys. Abdullah Al-Qahtani, by Bin Muti Apiaries For Wild Honey, by Abo Hamza For Wild Honey, by Alkorbi Apiaries, by Wayil Omar Alsufyani Abo Omar Apiaries, all from Saudi Arabia

Sidr Honey:
– by Sadat Al Asal Al Malaky, Starbees Honey, Alnashiby For Honey, Alzunidi Apiaries, Mohammad Abdulmohsen Alhegail Mnahl Alhqyel W Abanmye, Sharbah Shifa, Naseel,  Alkorbi Apiaries, Meshal Alharthi (Therapeutic Honey), Saudi Arabia.

more on Sidr Honey and Sidr honey health benefits

find ulmo honey on AmazonUlmo honey – by Bee Ulmo, Llc from the US, harvested from the remote and pristine forests of Chilean Patagonia. This honey also won the platinum award at the Paris Honey Awards 2023.
Studies have shown that ulmo honey has higher antibacterial power than manuka honey. (this makes it the most powerful honey in the world!)
It has APF 200+. APF stands for Active Patagonia Factor. This proves its natural capacity to fight bacteria that are resistant to traditional antibiotics, such as Penicillin, inhibiting its development and preventing its spread. It is Organic, Kosher and HACCP certified.

discover more about ulmo honey: What is ulmo honey? Is it better than manuka honey?

Forest honeys:
– El Enebral Forest, produced by El Enebral, from Spain. (more on forest honey)
– Hondos Hellenic Honey, produced by Hondos Hellenic Honey, Greece
– Kjartans Skogshonning, by Kjartans Honning As, Norway
– Skogsplantehonning, by Kjartans Honning As, Norway

Linden honey – Forest Linden Honey, produced by Medova Spadshchyna (Honey Heritage) from Ukraine. (more on linden honey)

Sweet clover honey – Good Honey produced by Good Honey, named The Highest Rated Honey in the U.S. Available to buy from their website:

Wild Rusberries – Kjartans Bringebærhonning produced by Kjartans Honning As, Norway. They also won platinum gold and silver awards in 2023 at the Dubai International Taste Awars and in 2022 at London Honey Awards.

Multiflower honey
– Kjartans Lynghonning, produced by Kjartans Honning As, Norway
– Mcnamara Family Honey, by Mcnamara Honey Company Pty Ltd, Australia
– Merάki, by Merάki, Greece
– Ninotsminda Honey -Alpida, by Kooperative Kody, Georgia
– Pusztai Honey, by Pusztai Honey, Hungary
– Volansky Honey-Bardejovsky Med, by Medar Farm Products S. R. O., Slovakia

Moringa honey – Moringa Honey, by Abo Hamza For Wild Honey, Saudi Arabia (What is moringa honey?)

Oak honey – Sigma Gourmet Raw Honey, by Sigma Gourmet, Greece

Thyme honey:
– Taygetos Thyme Honey, by Charalampos Fotopoulos, Greece
– Thyme honey, by Andreas Goranis- Melopolio, Greece


Let’s not forget that not all honey in the world participated at this contest. Some didn’t know, some couldn’t afford, some didn’t care. However, those that participated did their job with passion and pride and wanted confirmation and exposure. As for us, consumers, we do thank them for their commitment.

References and thanks to the organizers of this competition and to a well-done website:  Looking forward for 17-18 May 2024 to see what other surprises beekeepers around the world have prepared for us.

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