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Cinnamon warning

Many people nowadays are interested in folk remedies, and for a very good reason: they work. What is then with this cinnamon warning?

We heard of cinnamon honey benefits, but we also heard of something a little bit scary: a cinnamon warning. So, it’s natural to ask if they are, in fact, good or bad. The cinnamon honey combination comes from ancient Chinese medicine. And also from Ayurveda, the Indian ancient medicine. Meaning trustworthy sources, tested for hundreds of years.

Both ingredients are powerful foods, so combining them would mean doubling their therapeutic properties.
As I already said on this site, there is toxic honey, fake honey, and organic honey. It is almost the same with cinnamon. Hence the warning.

Take your medicine with honey. It will enhance its power!

Cinnamon is a spice found in every supermarket, bio or not bio, at a cheap price. And yes, that cinnamon has all the good properties we know, but it also has one that is bad: COUMARIN.  It’s a naturally occurring chemical that can cause liver and kidney damage when it is taken in high doses.

Of course, we can use regular cinnamon in our coffee, in cakes, in tea, in milkshakes, or whatever, as long as we don’t take it in high doses and for a long period of time. Remember that if you want to use the cinnamon honey combination for therapy, you have to buy real cinnamon, also called Ceylon Cinnamon, and, of course, use organic honey.

How many types of cinnamon are there?

There are two types of cinnamon:

CASSIAN CINNAMON, also known as Chinese or Saigon cinnamon, some people call it fake cinnamon, though it is not fake, only a different type. It is produced in Vietnam, China and Indonesia. It has the same properties as the real cinnamon, it is anti-microbial, anti-fungal, blood regulation, but it also has a high amount of coumarin, 1200 times higher than that found in the real cinnamon. The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in Germany says coumarin can damage the liver and kidneys if taken for longer periods.

CEYLON CINNAMON, also known as real cinnamon, sweet or good cinnamon, is produced in Sri Lanka from the plant called Cinnamomum zeylanicum. There are some differences between the two types, but they can’t be detected in the powder form, only in sticks. So it’s better to buy sticks and then turn them to powder, using the coffee grinder.

cinnamom comparisondifferences in cinnamon

Where can we find Ceylon cinnamon? here are some good products:

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Also, if you have experience with other trustworthy online shops, Ceylon cinnamon can be found easily, and it’s definitely worth the money.


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