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Hey everyone,

I’m Laura and I’d like to share with you my first experience with organic honey.laura
I used to eat regular honey in the morning, on a slice of bread, and take some propolis pills when my throat was in pain. But that’s it. I have a three-year-old son, an incredible, happy, healthy boy with only one little problem: poop! He wouldn’t poop! I had to note it down every time it happened, so I knew how many days had passed until I could be entitled to freak out.

And one blessed day, I came across a countryman selling all types of honey.
“Real honey!” he said.
Oh, come on, I said, this is marketing strategy! Honey is honey, and that’s it.

But before I said anything, he gave me a teaspoon of fir tree honey. Oh My God…. What is this? Fir tree? But from what flowers? A fir tree doesn’t have flowers…

The peasant smiled and then gave me another teaspoon of honey, forest honey this time, which I’ve learned is actually from honeydew, and then another spoon, of something else.
I found out that my countryman was not a simple countryman, he was a beekeeper selling organic certified honey for several years.
I bought 3 jars and went home.

My child enjoyed it too; he had 2 slices of bread with honey that day, and the following days he kept asking for one. I gave him a slice of honey and bread every morning. And the unexpected miracle happened.
He pooped each and every single day. Just like that.

Prior to this, I used to give honey to my child, but not very much, because I know beekeepers treat the bees with antibiotics, and I didn’t want to feed my child small amounts of antibiotics and then create resistance to them. But my “countryman” said the honey was organic, no antibiotics of any kind, no pesticides, no pasteurization and many other nos.  So, I let my child eat it with all confidence.

children can eat honeyNow, do tell me, how many days of desperation, how many glycerin suppositories, and how many tears I would have avoided, if I had only known sooner about organic honey and its benefits. (Here is the page I wrote on this subject: Honey cures constipation?)

This is the reason I decided to share my discoveries on raw organic honey, to tell you guys about the wonders of this natural product and how we can use it to be healthy and happy.

Our elders know a lot of secrets and I will do my best to discover and share them with you here. Our top scientists also keep discovering lots of things about this “miracle product” as they like to call it, and I will search all the available literature to keep you in touch with their latest discoveries.

I am neither a doctor nor a beekeeper, but the mysteries of honey are no longer mysteries to me. I have discovered the multitude of products taken from a hive, the benefits they bring to people, whether children or adults, their history, their secrets, and their incredible taste. It’s not all about treatment and therapy but also about enjoying a sweet, amazing food.

If you want to find out what the benefits of raw honey are, discover the elders’ secret recipes, find out the latest news and research, or if you ever need any feedback or support regarding your health and diet, I would be very happy to connect. Simply leave your comment below and make sure you visit my site regularly, as I am always updating it with interesting information.

Thank you for dropping by!


If you have raw honey to sell, or any other product of the hive, leave a comment here. If you want to buy raw honey or other products,  leave a message here. I’m sure you’ll eventually find a good offer for each of you.

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  1. Hi, can someone please tell me if I can freeze fresh RJ for the second time. I have received by post two jars of RJ, on the arrival they were not frozen but cold so one I put in the fridge for consuming and another in the freezer. Would be still alright to use the second frozen jar? Thank you

    1. Hi Bogdan,

      The good thing is that after thawing the RJ was still cold, not warm. RJ does not contain microbes so there was nothing to be activated. There couldn’t have stayed for more than 2 days in the cold (it is winter now, if you are in the northern hemisphere) so the loss of important compounds is minimal. Refreezing does not add toxic compounds, as I heard people saying, and it is safe (according to Food Safety and Inspection Service).
      So, the loss is minimal and you can still use that RJ.
      All the best!

  2. I have read some good stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how much effort you put to create such a fantastic informative website.

  3. Thank you very much for your fantastic work on the bee products. Honeybees are vital for pollination services, and also they have many beneficial hive products for humans. Beekeepers are struggling to keep their bee colonies healthy and alive. They need to make some profit to recuperate their losses and help bees be productive.
    For this reason, it is essential that advocates the beekeeping and spread importance of the bees and the benefits of their products as well.
    My husband is a professional apiculturist and researcher with over 30 years of experience. I have learned the benefits of the bee products from my husband, and I have given them to my kids for years. I also recently started some new products like Olive oil propolis extract and Apilarnil on Amazon and my webpage honeybeezone.com
    I have started building my webpage for weeks, and I should put more information like you and make some blogs to share our knowledge and more about Apitherapy.

  4. Hi, Laura,

    Thank you for your amazing work and website. It seems to me that you must be the world’s foremost authority on honey!

  5. Honey is one of the sweetest things in nature. But honey is more than just a tasty treat. Modern medical science is rediscovering its therapeutic properties. There are hundreds of different kinds of Health Benefits of Honey.

  6. Hi, This is Mehmet from Erguc Food Ltd, Turkey.

    Glad to connect.

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    We have own bee farms and also connected with 156 beekeepers in our organisation.

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    We have varieties of honey such as Pine honey, Oak honey , Chestnut honey , Astragalus honey, wild forest honey, Sunflower honey, Black Seed Honey, Thyme honey, Bee Pollen,Propolis Extract, Royal Jelly, Honeycomb Conventional, Honeycomb (Karakovan) etc.

    The processing is done at a fully equipped laboratory with modern equipment that is regularly updated to meet required standards.

    The collections annual processing of Erguc Honey are done under European quality standards.

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  7. Hi Laura! Thank you so much for all of the wonderful, educational information on your site! Such an amazing resource. We have been importing limited amounts of the purest, most delicious Greek honey for the past few years. We befriended a Greek beekeeper, when my husband worked in Greece, who practices natural beekeeping, using no antibiotics and takes his hives far from civilization and agriculture. We even get it tested to make sure it’s glyphosate (Round-Up)- free. But the best part is the heavenly taste and texture. It’s a lot of work importing it, but like you, I got hooked on the Fir and can’t imagine not having these delicious, healthy honeys as a part of every day. Sadly we didn’t get to harvest any fir last year and only have a few cases of that left. But we got the most amazing Heather and Chestnut (along with our regular supply of rich & delicious Oak and Pine) a few weeks ago. I see that you cite Dr. Ron Fessenden’s books in some of your posts and he loves our honey too! Would love to share with you! Here is our website (it may not yet have the new Heather & Chestnut listed yet but hopefully this week as we are labeling and photographing it)… http://www.honeythemoon.com Thanks again for all you do to educate the world on healthy honey and sending you my best wishes! ~ MP Tomei

    1. Hi Marry,
      I salute your initiative! I personally love Greek honey and, yes, fir honey is my #1. Heather and Chestnut are super honeys, with high antioxidant power. You are doing an excellent job, people deserve good natural honey, Greeks deserve to have their honey spread to the world.
      My advise, don’t stop here. If you have an opening to Greek honeys, if your husband speaks their language then try their exquisite honeys like arbutus honey or the local Ikaria honey. 😉
      I was planning a trip to Greece this year, but now I doubt it with this global situation…
      All the best!

  8. Hello Laura, you have a great website!

    We are African Bronze Honey Company, we are a certified B corp that harvests honeydew honey from the forests of Zambia and Tanzania. Not only our honey is delicious and certified organic but, as you know, being honeydew honey, it is full of antioxidants, minerals, flavonoids and other micronutrients that are very good for your health indeed.

    You can find from small 50 gram jars to 28 kg pails of seasonal harvests and other honey products on our store, or get it in bulk.


    Because our honey comes directly from wild forest areas, we work directly with the local communities to preserve these forests, and to generate a sustainable source of income.

    Once again Laura, you have a great website. Thank you very much.



    1-844-KILLER-B [1-844-545-5372]

    2140 Dundas Street, East
    Cardinal, ON, K0E1E0

  9. Hi Laura,
    I tried to send you a message using your contact form but it just kept spinning so I will leave you a message here.

    Since 1991 the Mohawk Valley Trading Company has offered the highest quality organic, unprocessed natural products we can produce namely:

    Raw Honey https://www.tenonanatche.com/raw-honey.htm

    Comb Honey https://www.tenonanatche.com/comb-honey.htm

    We also sell on Amazon and I read that you are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.

    I would like to know if you would be interested in reviewing some of our raw honey.

    Donna Jones

    Mohawk Valley Trading Company
    901 Broad St
    Utica, NY 13501

    1. Hi Donna,
      I support every beekeeper in the world, either small or big, as long as they provide quality and don’t lie to the people. 🙂
      Yes, I would like to try your honey.
      Thank you for telling people about your products.


  10. Right now I only have a page on FB but I am going to start of a page to sell items. I am interested in selling this honey a an affiliate but don’t know where to go to.

    Could you lead me in the right direction?


  11. Have you tried other types of honey for constipation or is Fir/Honeydew type of honey the best for this sort of thing? We eat raw clover honey here and it doesn’t seem to help with constipation. I would like to replace it with the most laxative honey if you know which one that is?

    Great website!

    1. Hi Bob,

      Honeydew honey is indeed the most effective. The other honeys, blossom honeys, have a mild laxative effect under certain conditions: are taken in a correct dose (about 1g/kg bw/day), it’s raw and fresh (in the first 2, 3 months after harvesting). An old honey can cause constipation.

      Ayurveda says:”..fresh honey helps to increase body mass while old honey produces constipation and decreases body mass.”.

      From the blossom honeys here are some suggestions:
      Against constipation: coriander, sidr honeys.
      Against diarrhea: apple, blackberry, red clover, oregano, Moroccan oregano honey.
      Honeys with researched prebiotic effect (which will feed good bacteria in the gut, thus improving digestion): sourwood, alfalfa, clover, sage, chestnut. – remember that it must be raw, fresh and in the correct dose! 🙂

      Here are some useful articles: What honey is the best for me? and Honey cures constipation.

      All the best! L.

  12. Hello,

    I’m the USA guy for Tualang, Durian, Gelam & Kelulut honey, if u visit my website I have tons of information that may be helpful to anyone looking to improve or maintain health! THANKS!

  13. Hi Laura, I once heard that Tupelo honey is best for diabetics but have been unable to find anything to verify this. I am a Type II Diabetic for a long time now, trying to decrease and eventually get off of insulin and Metformin, but still use a little honey in my diet because I enjoy it so much. Would you know about this honey, what it is good for, and where to get good quality if worthwhile? I have found Tupelo hard to get hold of in recent years and now, not able to get at all. Is there a comparison with Manuka honey? Any other honey particularly better for diabetics? Have you heard of a minimum &/or maximum amount to consume for health? Many thanks for any info you can share on this.

    1. Hi Faiga,
      Bee products have indeed solutions for diabetes. The first to mention is royal jelly, with really good results. Please read “Royal jelly is an efficient natural treatment for diabetes type 2” and you’ll see. Then there are other articles on this subject, Can diabetics eat honey?, Does honey raise blood sugar? Does honey make you fat?
      As for honeys, acacia, chestnut, thyme have high fructose content, like tupelo, you can switch to any of them. But do not take manuka honey. See here why not:Can diabetics eat MANUKA HONEY?
      I apologize for not giving you a straight answer, there really is too much to write. Please read those articles.

    2. If you would like to try raw stingless bee honey or ‘kelulut honey’ which is very good for diabetics, you may contact me. Thank you.

  14. I have received the following message:
    “I came across your great website and wanted to request your help. I’m currently looking to source pure raw honey in wholesale quantities. Do you have any contacts that can supply me?

    Kind regards
    Mr Burhaan Khandia”

    If you are interested in his offer please leave a reply here.
    thank you

    1. I am interesting Mad honey, in Thailand you sold 500g of honey, how much price.

    2. Hi Surin,
      I’m not sure what you mean. Could you rephrase, please? Would you like to buy mad honey?

    3. I am a stingless bee keeper in Malaysia. I sell pure and raw honey. If any of you are interested to buy my honey, you may contact me. You may also view my fb page ‘Kelulut Kasih’. Thank you.

  15. Yasas, I live on the Greek island –Ikaria— the Blue Zone island of longevity as Dan Buettner calls it in his book about the 5 Blue Zones of the world. We have amazing pure raw honey from here. No pesticides or plantations on this island, just rugged, mountainous terrain so the bees are free to scout the variety. Can you or may I post a link for your readers to go see or buy some. We ship to America and throughout Europe. Lovely site you have. I just found it. Robyn emea@ikariahoney.com

    1. Hi Robyn,

      Please write a comment in my article about Ikaria honey, here: https://healthywithhoney.com/ikaria-honey-or-what-is-the-secret-for-a-long-life/
      I have already mentioned your site in this article, but it may help if you give some details about samples, jars, prices etc. Also add FB page or Twitter, if you have.
      And I promise to redirect to you any potential customer, whenever I have the opportunity. (I love Greece and everything connected to it. Last month I was in vacation in Zakynthos and bought some thyme honey from the locals. Exquisite!)


  16. Hi,
    how are you laura I am a trader in yemeni honey how we can cooperate this is my number 00967775800452
    I’ll be blessed with your call..
    thank you

    1. Hi Omar,

      Please leave a comment on Sidr honey page, so interested people will see your number there. You can also leave an email address. Thanks

    1. Hi Mubashir,

      Have you tried on Amazon? On my page https://healthywithhoney.com/black-seed-honey-a-natural-cure-cancer-is-gone/ you can find links to Amazon, just click on the picture with the seeds. The same is here: https://healthywithhoney.com/how-to-cure-hiv-the-black-seeds-nigella-sativa-have-the-answer/

      But you can also try at your local herb shops, or online ones. Nigella Sativa grows almost everywhere, we just don’t know it.
      The capsules are obviously easier to take, even considered to be better than the oil.
      Good luck!

  17. Wow. This is indeed an impressive site on honey. Thank you, Laura. And the Manuka/Black Seed combination is exactly what I am researching for my Basal Cell Carcinoma and hopefully, IBS-C.

    1. Hi Dennis,
      Thank you for your appreciation. I hope you will find the materials you need for your research. Manuka honey is indeed a very good honey, especially for external application, but Nigella Sativa is for me an amazing product. And which is not even half as much studied (as manuka) not to mention advertised! It is true that the Nestle company tried to “acquire the rights over it”! Seems like they saw the potential of this little seed.
      For my digestive problems, honey mixed with ground black seed really worked.

      Good luck with your project!

  18. Nice meeting you, Laura! What a great website you have here!! You did such an awesome job putting together all of this info which is so beneficial for people’s health and wellness! I’m so glad I came across it! We like honey too (our favorite breakfast is toasted bagels with cream cheese and honey on top -my kids and I love it!). I’ll be back to read more of this!! Thanks again!

    1. Nice to meet you too, Claudia. Never give up at this morning habit. Honey is perfect on top of anything. Add some walnuts and you’ll have a super-food!

  19. Nice site Laura. Love the information too. You’ve covered more about honey that I have ever heard. I knew it had benefits, but Wow! Thanks, I will keep reading.

    1. Hi Bill, honey is a not a super-food. It’s a wonder-food! It’s a miracle-food!
      You can say I’m in love with it. 🙂

      thanks for your comment

  20. Very Interesting blog…all about honey and it’s benefits.Me and my daughter were sick a bout a month ago ..cough..etc…I wondered if honey would be good..especially since that’s what most everyone in my family has, still does and seems like they aways will suggest. I felt skeptical because it has been so commonly “prescribed” by them, for MOST anything..huh, guess they were right. Btw, how did the ancients cure their sicknesses? Everything I would presume would be organic. Glad I found you. Thanks.

    1. Hi Lydia,
      Yes, they are right. But the best way to enjoy honey’ therapeutic properties is to take it on a daily bases, if possible to replace sugar with it. This way you will eat the perfect quantity necessary to prevent any disease.
      And if a cold, a flue or whatever comes along, we should remember the perfect combination to treat them. Honey is best taken in combination with other food that enhance each others properties.
      For example: honey and onion, honey and cinnamon, honey and black radish, honey and lemon, honey and black seeds. Even the synthetic gentamicin is more effective in our body, if our diet contains honey. Scientifically proven fact! 🙂


    2. murakoze cyane Laura kubitekerezo byiza mutanga kubuzima mwifashishije inzuki nibizikomokaho.ndi umuvumvu mu rwanda ariko maze kumenya akamaro kinzuki kubuzima bwa muntu ndifuza kwagura uwo mushinga nkawugeza kuri apihause,pharmacie ndetse nibindi nkenerwa bikomoka kunzuki nkeneye inama zawe mbere ,nkeneye ko wampuza nabaterankungu bamfasha kuzamura uwo mwuga cg abaterankunga twakorana cg abashoramari twafatikanya.murakoze kugisubizo cyanyu cyiza muzampa

      1. Hello Joel,
        Beekeeping is a wonderful job! Besides your passion for bees you can also benefit from the all the honey products. If you want to make a profitable business out of it, you should find sponsorship there, at your locals, in your country.
        All the best!

  21. Hello Laura, I want to congratiolate you with your wonderful site, and with winning the comment lottery from today. I know how healthy bee products are, the pollen to help by allergy, the cold prepared honey for burning wounds, the propolis for conquering infections, really great product. We must be very careful with our bees. One thing, never ever give honey and bee products to a child under 1 years of age. It has an ingredient what is not good for babies. Wish you a lot of success with this terrific website, greetings Loes

    1. Hi Loes,

      Thank you for your good words. Your game with the comment lottery sounds like good fun.
      About the “ingredient” in the honey, which makes it bad for infants, here are some more details: When can kids have honey?

      thanks for the lottery! 🙂

  22. Hi Laura

    Just wanted to say what a great site you have here. I knew that honey was better for you than sugar but I didn’t know there are other benefits. I’m going to have a good look at your information here, my whole family could get something from this!
    Cheers, Tony.

    1. Thank you, Tony. And the scientists continue to discover more and more uses for it. Actually all the products bees give us. Correction, all the products we take from the bees. 🙂

  23. Hi Laura,

    Great Site!

    I have been an advocate of Honey for years and am well pleased to come across a site like this.
    Every day for me begins with an ‘Elixir’ i created – quite a potent brew.

    3/4 tsp minced Garlic, 1/3 teaspoon minced Ginger, natural Lemon juice, two tsp Apple-Cider Vinegar, 1 full tsp Organic Honey, some Cinnamon and finally Fenugreek seeds/kibbled. Fill the mug with hot water and enjoy 🙂

    Keep up the good work Laura and I wish you well.

    Blessings Be,

    – Rich

    1. Hi Rich, and thank you for your elixir. I will use it in my testimonials pages, it is very important for everybody to see old beneficial recipes, that help our body go through our daily difficulties.
      Thank you again,

  24. Laura, I love to look at the design of your website. I have done natural health research for a while now, and I know that there is health benefits to real, organic honey. I have used honey with cinnamon before, just not everyday or frequently like I should to get the full benefits. Just wanted to let you know to keep up the good work of sharing your vital info with the whoever will read and listen.

  25. Felicitari pentru postare,perfect adevara cele spuse despre produsele din stup, am si eu stupi si nu am folosit antibiotice niciodata

    1. Buna Vali,
      Antibioticele sunt uneori necesare. Decat sa-ti moara albinele mai bine le tratezi cu antibiotice, nu? Dar ulterior mierea trebuie verificata foarte temeinic, in laboratoare specializate, pentru a verifica cantitatea de reziduu antibiotic din miere.
      Spor la miere!

  26. Hi Laura,

    maybe you can get a price list for the natural honey, take orders online and pass them on to be drop shipped so you can make a bit of an income from a great blog … very original!

    Franto in Toronto

  27. Love the info on honey benefits! I use propolis myself, daily, and it helps me immensely with my seasonal allergies.

    1. Propolis is an excellent choice. It helps me with my sore throat. I take one tablet immediately after I sense a little discomfort and everything comes back to normal 10 minutes after that.
      I’m glad you’ve found a natural way to fight your allergies. It’s way better than using antihistamines.

  28. Laura, This is an awesome post. I have learned a great deal from you. Especially the health benefits. My granddaughter will benefit from what I have learned from you.

    1. Hey Andy,
      I started this site because of this experience. A mother worries a lot out of nothing, and this is a serious matter. 🙂 And honey is not a medicine, it’s food, one we forgot about. I want to remember it to everyone and start enjoying it again.
      thanks for dropping by.

  29. I loved reading your story here Laura! Thanks for sharing it. I suffer with a lack of ‘poop’ syndrome myself and haven’t thought of honey as a treatment.

    1. Well, consider introducing honey in your diet. I will be posting recipes soon so stay close!
      thank you for your comment and please tell me when you try it.

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