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‘Bee Bread’

What are the health benefits of bee bread?

health benefits of bee bread aka beebread or perga

Heard of it but don’t know what are the health benefits of bee bread? Our elders use it for many conditions but our science has confirmed only some of them. Bee bread is fermented bee pollen. Not artificially made (here is how you can do bee bread at home), by humans, but by bees, which add some of their saliva and some honey over bee pollen. Starting from here we can only guess that the qualities of simple bee pollen… Read More

What is the difference between beebread, aka bee bread, and bee pollen?

bee bread is better and healthier than bee pollen

Have you ever heard of beebread? Or bee bread? It’s like bees’ bread only that is excellent for humans, too. Even better than fresh bee pollen. Honey bees make honey and we know they are doing it to eat it. But this is not their only food. When they are babies (larvae) they eat royal jelly and then they eat honey and pollen. But not the pollen as it is in flowers or the bee pollen that we find in… Read More