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How is evodia honey? Ever heard of bee bee tree?

evodia honey aka tetradium or bee bee tree honey

Tetradium daniellii (syn. Tetradium hupehensis) belongs to Tetradium, a genus of trees in the family Rutaceae, occurring in temperate to tropical east Asia. It is also known as Euodia, Evodia, Korean Evodia or Bee bee tree. Because this tree is LOVED by bees. Read more to see how is evodia honey and how can one get it. Tetradium daniellii, named after the British army surgeon and botanist William Freeman Daniell, originates from southwestern China and Korea, grows slowly to be… Read More

Nigella sativa, equal or better than proposed drugs!

prevent covid

A team of scientists conducted by Bouchentouf Salim and Missoum Noureddine from Facult of Technology, Doctor Tahar Moulay University of Saida, and Laboratory of Natural products and Bioactives, University of Tlemcen, Algeria, analyzed probable inhibitors of COVID-19 by molecules from Nigella sativa L. Nigella sativa, aka the black seeds, is a highly reputed healing herb in North African societies and both Islamic and Christian. Its incredible therapeutic properties include antiviral and anticancer. And when we talk about antiviral, we refer… Read More

Supplements for Covid-19? Try honey, pollen, propolis and royal jelly!

supplements that fight covid

Is honey recommended in Covid-19? To prevent it at least? Yes, it is. And not only honey, but all the other products of the honey: pollen, propolis, royal jelly, bee venom and even beeswax. They have all shown antiviral activity against pathogens that cause severe respiratory syndromes, including those caused by human coronaviruses. And, besides directly fighting the virus, honey also stimulates the immune system and improves immunocompetence, which might reduce the severity of the novel coronavirus pneumonia. All products… Read More