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What is JARRAH HONEY? And what kills Candida?

Is jarrah honey better than manuka honey?

Jarrah Honey comes from Western Australia, one of the best producers of honey in the world. And yes, when used fresh it kills candida better than manuka honey. If people of New Zealand say manuka honey is the best honey in the world, Australians say it is Jarrah Honey. Not that they don’t have the famous manuka tree that provides the necessary nectar, but jarrah honey proved them to be even tastier and with some higher therapeutic properties. I know lots of Americans who… Read More

Australian Eucalyptus Honeys: River Red Gum, Blue Gum, Messmate and so many others.

red ironbark flowers

Australian Eucalyptus Honeys are all known to have 3 major health benefits, besides the already known benefits found in any type of honey. They fight against infections and diseases of respiratory organs, heal infections and diseases of urinary passages and increases immunity.  “Honey Flora in Victoria”, a reference book by FR Beuhne, classifies eucalyptus trees in 10 big groups and gives details regarding the nectar yield and quality of honey. Box Honeys are probably the best well-known Australian eucalypt honeys, but locals also appreciate other… Read More