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Sleeping above beehives – another way of treating ourselves with bees’ help

We learn as long as we live, right? Have you heard of sleeping about the beehives as an alternative therapy?

I was surprised to hear about this, and I thought it must be something new! But no, as with everything else related to honey and bees, this therapy is probably as old as beekeeping.

It has different names: bee therapy, sleeping above the beehives, sleeping with bees, sleeping on hive-stove benches, or simply bee beds, ulleotherapy, or uleterapia in Russia. And it is more known in Russia, especially in Ukraine, China, Japan, Korea and Canada.

“I confess, I could not resist and decided to try all the delights of sleeping with bees. I lie on the hive and felt microvibration. It was a feeling that buzzing wires and something slightly pushed in the back. Then I got dizzy from the smell of lime, buckwheat, propolis and I fell asleep. I slept for ten minutes, but it felt like after a full night’s rest! All accumulated over a week fatigue was gone. Problems receded into the background.”
(Vladimir Megre from Russia, after a visit at one beekeeper who sleeps all summer with the bees)

How could sleeping above some beehives be a therapy?

Therapists say more factors combine to offer a state of self-healing for the body.

1. The micro-vibration created by bees fanning their wings above the cells in order to evaporate the moisture from the nectar and create maturated honey. For the person placed exactly above the hive, it is like a light vibro-massage that acts positively on the nervous, circulatory and muscular systems, inducing a state of self-healing and balance.
The bed is covered only with a sheet and has no mattress, so the body can directly feel this light massage.

sleeping on the a bed of beehivespicture source:

Around the beehives, an electromagnetic field is created. If you touch the hive, you can feel a mild electrical current running through your hands.

Researchers discovered that after sleeping in the hive, the human body’s energy field is increased 5 times.

2. Breathing clean, ionized air (aka ionotherapy) created in the hive and inhaled by the patient sleeping above.

Clean and healthy air comes through a fine mesh made in the beehives. It is said that most microbes in the bronchi and lungs are killed within ten minutes of inhalation. Near the beehive, the air is highly ionized, and on the body, it reduces the level of free radicals.

therapy of sleeping above beehivesimage from the White Stone Hotel, source:

3. The aromatherapy offered by the multitude of plants, mostly medicinal. The aromas of the nectar brought by the bees and the smell of honey and propolis, all create a relaxed atmosphere, also inducing the process of falling asleep.

The good benefits of air from within the hives are also used in What cures asthma? Here is a solution from apitherapy: aerosols from the hive!

4. The bee buzzing, aka bee humming, which induces a mild state of meditative trance and triggers our own self-healing frequency.

The sound is actually the result of the bee vibrating its flight muscles, which can be achieved while the muscles are decoupled from the wings, meaning that bees can hum without flying or moving their wings, a feature known to bees but not to other insects. This is especially pronounced in bumblebees, as they must warm up their bodies considerably to get airborne at low ambient temperatures.

A bee flying has varying beats, but in various studies, the figure is about 150 to 250 beats per second, or 150 to 250 Hz. Inside the hive, when fanning, a bee brings the frequency of its hum down to about 190 Hz.

Scientists studying the frequencies tend to measure this fundamental frequency, using it to identify when a colony is sick, about to swarm, or is angry. According to Valerie Solheim, Ph.D. 190HZ was the natural frequency level of the hive prior to swarming.

Be aware that some people hate this buzzing. They remind them of the bees’ sting, just like the sound from a dentistry keeps you away from entering that place! But if you have no problem with that and want to try if this humming does put you in trance, then here are 4 hours of bee buzzing found on youtube.

Health benefits of sleeping above the beehives

The benefits start from nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, but beekeepers using this type of therapy say there are no disease that cannot be treated by bees. (of course they refer to all bee products with this claim.)

There have been numerous cases reporting positive effects in rheumatic, dermatological, urology, gynecology, cardiology, endocrinology, respiratory systems and musculoskeletal system. Some say it cures chronic diseases, normalizes potency in men and eliminates insomnia.

The best results were obtained with upper respiratory illnesses. It cleans the bronchi, relieves spasms, and facilitates the withdrawal of phlegm. It reduces the probability of tuberculous disease. It eliminates the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections, disinfects the body, and stimulates the production of immune system cells.

It was also reported to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, remove fatigue, stress and tension. There is a complete physical and emotional relaxation which triggers an improved psycho-emotional status of a person. This translates into increased working efficiency, regeneration of tissues, increased immunity, responsiveness and adaptability in the human body.

It facilitates detoxification, normalizes metabolism, eliminates excess weight and the tendency to overeat. Vibration in the hive also contributes to the removal of sand from the kidneys, as Gregory Teslyuk said happened to Elena from the Zhytomyr region, Ukraine, on the 8th day of treatment.

The quality of sleep also improves a lot. There are no more insomnia or headaches. It is beneficial for people engaged in heavy physical labor or undergoing surgery.


– individual intolerance to bees, bee products or their stings. Mental disorders, exacerbation of chronic diseases.
– in
cancer neoplasms, severe atherosclerosis, increased body temperature, acute infectious diseases, with large stones in the gall bladder and kidneys. For these patients, the therapy can be carried out only under medical supervision.

What’s the procedure?

Sleeping with bees is recommended for people of all ages.
The therapy can start from March until the end of September.
The sleeping, or the resting period on the bee bed, takes at least 1 hour. It usually lasts almost 2-4 hours, but there is nothing wrong if the patient sleeps for more.
A course consists of 10 sessions for positive effects on the whole body.

It is recommended to use other bee products for two weeks before starting this therapy, in order to enhance the effect.

Don’t worry about convenience or comfort. The hard surface does not prevent relaxation and rapid falling asleep.

Very important!
Correctly manufactured houses do not disturb the habitual way of life of bees and protect people from insect bites.

sleeping in a bed above the hives

Grigory Alexandrovich and Gregory Teslyuk report their story of returning to a healthy life after a bunch of diseases and the feeling they get of being ten years younger. Today lots of people come to their hives-stove benches – as they call them, in desperate need of help after conventional medicine has failed them.

Their story started with joining 3 hives together to create a surface of 2 m in length. On top there is a bed of boards, which serves as a ceiling for the bees, and as bed for people. The gap between the hives is no more than 0.4 mm so bees could not get through.

The patient lies down on a sheet and the beekeepers covers him with the special roof. The air inside gets through net-glass Windows in the cover, filled with the aroma of nectar, propolis and pollen.

I have to admit, it doesn’t look very appealing, more like a coffin, I would say, I don’t think I can be easily put in there…

This one has more open space, it seems easier to rest in here.

example of bed above the beehivespicture source:

Here is another type of room specialized for this therapy, available at Hotel Blagodat, a famous 3-star hotel in Ukraine, placed in a picturesque resort of Shayan in the Transcarpathian region, on a high slope protected by the majestic mountains Bolshoy, Middle and Maliy Shayan, near the natural lake Siloam bath.

sleeping above beehives in a russian hotelpicture source

And here is a whole village made on this principle, with small private rooms for resting above beehives. It is a hotel and recreation complex called White Stone, placed in the Kalinovsky district, Ukraine.

room for sleeping with bees

bee therapy house

bee therapy house from inside

Pavel Korsun describes another similar place in a youtube video. If you are interested in taking a tour in Kiev, Ukraine, check out the website and enjoy a remarkable experience of sleeping with the bees.

a cottage for sleeping above the bees
a bee bed

And if it’s closer to you, here is a Bee Therapy House in Canada.

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