what Einstein said about the disappearance of bees

Einstein said: “If the bees disappear…” – Give me a break, Einstein!

No, I don’t believe Einstein said that. And I don’t believe this is what would happen.

Today, the Internet is so full of quotes of some illustrious names like Einstein, Buddha, Mother Teresa…
Who knows exactly what Buddha said on those times? Who kept a record of all Einstein’s sayings? Come on, people…

We put words in famous people’s mouths and make them stronger! We impress with them and enjoy being impressed and encouraged by them. Einstein was a genius and he said that, so beware! hmmm…..

I don’t believe he said that about the bees. Just as he didn’t say anything about the disappearance of any other insect or mammal from the surface of the Earth. Why would he had thought of this?
And even if he did say that, this sentence would have been correct only for his time. Not for today. The technology is today so advanced, that humans would certainly did not disappear in 4 years after the disappearance of bees. This is hilarious.

I’m sure you all know about today’s weather stations. You don’t? Well, the technology today can even influence weather, not only create FB. There are so many things, robotics has incredibly evolved, agriculture is far from what it was 50 years ago. I bet Einstein himself would be surprised!
Of course they have discovered everything we need, only that it was decided that the planet does not need it right now. I’m sure some of you understand what I’m saying.


Here is “robobee” the future pollinating bee, just in case our “Einstein” was right! It’s a tiny little robot, capable of tethered flight, which was developed by a research robotics team at Harvard University, in 2013. It has artificial muscles capable of beating the wings 120 times per second.

Why was it created?

Did Harvard University receive a top secret info that the pesticides would always be used and that they should start thinking of an alternative way of pollinating crops? To anybody this assumptions is hilarious, of course. They declared that the Robobee project was to make a fully autonomous swarm of flying robots for applications such as search and rescue and artificial pollination.

robobeesConsidering we have enough money on the planet to ensure the necessary number of pollinating robobees, and their energy source, why do we still complain?
Bees are dangerous stinging creatures not purring cats with funny faces to film and post on social networks. Not playful dogs, not chirping colorful parakeets.

But they do make honey! And honey is FOOD. It’s healthy food. And one that hasn’t yet been completely discovered. Scientists do not yet know all the substances that enter its composition, do not yet know why it is that healthy to us.

Robobees don’t make honey!

Or pollen, propolis, royal jelly, beebread…..

And Monsato didn’t think of this? Hard to believe. We already have fake honey on the market shelves. It’s not difficult to replace honey with a modern honey. The tomatoes we eat today are not the tomatoes our gradparents were eating. They are bigger, redder and … plenty. And are tasteless and full of chemicals.
We can have honey just like that!

So, why do people care? Why do they put words in Einstein’s mouth?

Because for the last decades, there is a “trend” that says honey is good in preventing cancer, and diabetes, and gastritis, and Alzheimer’s. And we can even use it to treat some of these terrible diseases. That’s why!
Because allopathic medicine failed in killing super bugs, and some researchers proved manuka honey did kill them! That’s why!

If there are natural products that can heal us, then the big pharmaceutical companies are in danger. Think of that!

What can we do?

Not much. The powerful people can do something, if they are interested. Otherwise, I don’t believe there is something major that we can do. Except for, of course, turning to the help of Einstein and spreading the word over the Internet.

In Europa, the two dangerous neonicotinoids were banned in some countries. The results are still in debate.

Other supporting people offer their example. Like it did one of my favorite actors, Morgan Freeman.

Morgan Freeman has become an amateur beekeeper!

freeman has become beekeeper

The “God of bees” – I could say. I don’t think there is another actor, alive actor, that can interpret God better. What do you think? (Can you believe he is 78 years old? on 1st of June, 2015)

He is funny, as always, and with that waggish sense of humor and serenity he explains what he did: took 26 hives and placed them on his 124-acre ranch in Mississippi.

Did this help much in saving the bees? Of course not. But he sets an example and eats raw fresh honey.

In an interview at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Freeman says he doesn’t feel the need to wear a protective gear, such as a face net. Why not? Because he’s one with the bees!
Well, after playing God for so many times, he may have become a highly spiritual person. It makes sense.

Watch the interview. It’s fun.

What can we do to save our honey?

1. What we usually do: spread the word. We have all become so good at sharing and liking, that all we have to do is to share it on a social network. Then people from all over the world will learn more about bees and honey and soon there will be a conscience of honey through all people. And big, important people will Do things.

2. Buy from your locals. If you buy their honey you get yourself an unprocessed product, thus a better one, and you will support the beekeeper. He manages to sell his honey and continues his job.
If you cannot find beekeepers to buy directly from them, then buy raw honey from naturist shops. This is a favor you will do it to your body.

3. Hope. It may sound childish, but I believe that keeping a positive thinking does make a difference, even to a global scale. Sending good vibes into the universe around us, may influence it in good. It doesn’t cost anything and makes us feel better. After all we feel better when having positive attitude than when having a negative one.
So let’s hope and pray for the powerful people to be inspired and take the right decisions.

Do your think there is something else we can do?

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