eating healthy is useless. Find something else to blame.

Eating healthy is useless. How can we be healthy and happy?

Why would I say eating healthy is useless? Why wouldn’t I accept that eating only good stuff would lead to a good body?

Today I’ve run into an old acquaintance, a woman with 2 boys, the youngest almost the age of my son. Going to kindergarten. So normally, the whole discussion was about children. Because it is spring and this is the season of colds, flu, H1N1 or whatever the name, the first question that pops up is about the children’s health.
And, here begins the story.

Last year Johanna’s son had a complicated form of mononucleosis. With names and diagnostics too difficult to remember. They were hospitalized for a long time. After that the boy had the usual colds, flu and colds again. Mostly all under the same name: virus infections.
My child, almost the same story. Two years ago there were colds followed inevitably by otitis (treated, of course, with antibiotics, otherwise the infection would not disappear). After the forth one, the doctor said it was time to have him a nasal polyps surgery. They were to blame for the otitis. And so, in January 2015 he had the surgery. Another otitis followed after that, but none since then. We were happy, now he could go to kindergarten, get colds like any other kid, but not otitis, and thus no more antibiotics.

But when kindergarten started, the usual cold was followed by something else. Even bigger that an otitis. From all the kids there, only my kid got pneumonia. With pleurisy and lung abscess. In the hospital doctors tried 3 or 4 IV antibiotics, but the child was getting worse day by day.
Eventually they performed surgery and removed the abscess.
Another month in the hospital. Another 10 years of my life disappearing due to desperation and sorrow. My hair is almost completely white.
This happened in October 2015, and I haven’t send him to kindergarten since. It’s March 2016. I will though give it another try in April.

A healthy lifestyle.

Do I need to mention that we eat healthy? That we are very concerned with everything around us, from the air we breathe to  the amount and type of chocolate we eat per day?
In our family we don’t eat very processed food, we almost never have fast food, don’t drink (only occasionally and mostly my husband), don’t consume any kind of drugs, don’t drink any fizzy drinks – not even sparkling water.
Our child eats organic food, we have meat and eggs from my mother, who has a small farm in the country.
You can imagine that we take good care with our food.

Groceries in wicker basket including vegetables fruits bakery and dairy products and wine isolated on whitepicture credit monticello via Big Stock Photo

Which brings me to my question:
Do we really need to be that careful with our food?

Coming back to Johanna, she is the same concerning type, with much care regarding the food her family eats. The only difference between us is that she is quite religious, while I’m not. But we respect each other’s choices.

So, last winter Johanna takes her child to her parents, far from the city we live in. Far from all the viruses of the city, from polluted air, from stuffed supermarkets and aggressive ads, almost far from civilization. They went to the child’s grandparents, in the country.

And one day, Johanna was keeping a pot with boiling water to make some tea. The 4 year old child somehow touches her and she spills the boiling water on her child’s leg.

The nearest hospital doesn’t have the best equipment to treat those burns. Yet they stay there for 3 weeks. Finally she decides to come here to a better hospital. Another 4 weeks hospitalized. Now they are both at home. But the burns are not yet healed.

Doesn’t it look to you that the evil must reveal itself in one way or another? That no matter what we do and how careful we are, bad things still happen? 

On TV news are always telling us about crashes, fires, earthquakes, accidents of all kinds. Were those people eating healthy? Do they refrain themselves when they want to eat a huge unhealthy chocolate cake? Do they read the labels and watch out for the bad additives?

Johanna went to lots of monasteries and priests trying to understand. Then she went to a shrink. Nope. Nothing.
At least she is still sane, but keeps asking why her child has brought her 4 years of misery instead of 4 of happiness. I cannot answer her.

To me it seems that good things, just as bad things, happen from reasons we cannot understand with our logic. Eating healthy is only a solution we have found to focus on.
Because carrots are healthy we assume they will make us healthy. And than happy. But things are not like that. We are more than physical bodies. And the subtle energy of tons of carrots are not sufficient to influence our energy. Which is the most important.

Before going deeper into the subject of logic into this life, I have to underline the fact that no matter what we eat, bad thinks can happen to us.

Eating healthy is an illusion that we will avoid sufferance.

No matter what we eat, dangerous viruses can attack us. You will say our body will be stronger and will be able to fight them efficiently. I would say that. But what if they won’t?

I have recently read the story of a happy man, father of 2 girls, a professional marathoner. He had a strict life, plenty of exercise and controlled diets. Yet, he got diabetes, the worst type, the one that doesn’t respond to anything. He was 40 years old. No car crash, no accident, nothing else. What was wrong there?
Where’s the logic?

So why do people eat raw vegan stuff? “It’s healthy.” Well, I don’t know. Maybe they are right. It is healthy. But does it matter that much? How far will we go for this healthiness?

If we have a very unhappy life, a crappy job, a cheating husband or wife, how is eating raw vegan helping? Hilariously enough, it seems that it’s exactly the people who are healthy and have a normal life, that decide to live like cavemen, before the fire was discovered. Could they be just bored?

It is an insanely trend to hunt each and every fruit and vegetable on this planet, to show how good and healthy it is for our health. Exotic names make us believe our own existence could be lost if we didn’t take them immediately. Turmeric, ginger, neem, maca, zheolith…and OMG, the common cinnamon, do you know how incredible it is? If not, you have missed your chance to a happy body!

There are billions of blogs writing on the benefits of our planet’s green products. Each plant is analyzed and meals are reinvented.
This is the path to health and happiness!

This is only one direction to look at. One thing to keep our mind focused on. One simple and convenient explanation for our greed and lack of balance. We blame the food for everything wrong in our body and our mind. Blame the others! Monsato, MGO, fast-food, sugar, water, fats…what’s left?

Supplements are way overrated!

This is a nice way of saying it. I was following an Ayurveda practitioner from Canada, who was saying this a little more drastic: Supplements are bullshit!
Here is the article that describes some supplements which claim something, but it was never proved, nor scientifically fully analyzed, their reaction inside our body, despite their obvious good components. Among them: smoothies, maca, alkaline water, blue-green algae, grapefruit seed extract, miracle mineral supplement, colloidal silver, cilantro, chia seeds.

“…moneyed interests control the natural health industry, reducing the sophisticated and subtle principles I had studied to a loud and obtuse marketing noise.” Todd Caldecott.

I know there were times when I thought it were the super BIG GUYS controlling the pharmaceutical industry, the same big guys who invented and supported the supplements industry. These days, supplements are seen like the only allies we have. But who would have enough money to produce and promote them? The same powerful guys, of course.

What’s the secret of a long and healthy life?

So, if I give up everything, and eat strictly like a goat (!) fresh vegetables and seeds, would this guarantee me that I would live a long healthy life?
Everybody knows the answer. It’s NO.

What is the answer than? Why are some people living 120 years? Even though they eat whatever they had at thatmoment, healthy or not.

• Here is the story of a man I wrote about, who was diagnosed with cancer and return to his native island to live its last years in peace. Well, his last years turned into decades once he got there. Why? Read his story: What is the secret for a long life? No, It’s not in the honey or any other supplement. Things are not that simple.

• Jeanne Calment was a French woman who lived 122 years. It has been claimed that Calment smoked cigarettes from the age of 21 to 117. Indeed, no more than two cigarettes per day. Journalists inquired about her diet and discovered that she ate nearly one kilogram (2.2 lb) of chocolate every week. Wow… And no diabetes?
But she said she was a very calm person. She said about her calmness “That’s why they call me Calment”.

 “The body is a reflection of our thoughts, emotions and our beliefs, more than anything else. The new biology of the 21st Century, epigenetics, not only contradicts the previous, narrow, reductionist medical model, it blows it right out of the water. “(JAIME TANNA, Reiki Master, SRT and Yoga Teacher) 

We have been hypnotized!

First to believe that taking a pill solves the problem.
Now, we are again allowing to be hypnotized into believing that eating the right food would solve the problem.
Where the first fails, the second surely works.
“Pop a pill” or “cut it out” – are the only ways and this has become the accepted way to solve any health issue, regardless of its severity. And the illness has dain its own identity, and has nothing to do with the actual person!

Why are we in this position?
Because we a facing a massive health crisis like we have never seen before. Conventional medicine, outside of the emergency room, is failing us. Food is the ultimate solution. But we have taken this to extreme, and we tend to lose our balance. We are so desperate that we simply fail to look at us as a whole. We are more than physical body. Yes, it is that one that hurts, but maybe, just maybe, we are responsible for its destruction, and not the food.


We may eat healthy, raw, organic and BIO. And everything. But is it worth it? If we are not happy? If we can hurt ourselves by splilling boiling water on us? If we get caught in a car crash? If a brick falls on our head? If a therorist decides it is time for us to die?

Was it worth to chase for the most expensive but nutrient-saving masticating juicer? Was it worth to spend the vacation money on buying pots from cast iron

For some time now, there has been overwhelming evidence that the mind affects the body, and that consciousness is the key player in determining any health outcome.

As back as 1988, the British molecular biologist, John Cairns, proves that our responses to the environment determine the expression of our genes.
Here is what he did. Took bacteria whose genes did not allow them to produce lactase, the enzyme needed to digest milk sugar (lactose), and placed them in petri dishes, where the only food present was lactose.
Within a few days, all of the petri dishes had been colonised by the bacteria and they were eating the lactose. The bacterial DNA had changed in response to its environment!
Their logic was simple: if lactose is the only food available, then I will change and be able to eat it.

But sadly enough, after 30 years, the scientific establishment still sees matter as primary and mind-stuff as secondary, or even non-existent!

Epigenetics has an answer!

Epigenetics points to a far different reality because it has its roots in the quantum field, where everything is energy. It is still revolutionary, I know, according to quantum thinking our body is made of 99.999999% space! From this perspective, a disease cannot be solid or real. It is just an energy and therefore it can be manipulated as such. Our bodies, the screen you are looking at, absolutely everything can be reduced to an oscillating, quantum soup!

The idea is scary for most people, but it means we are responsible for whether our gene set activates an ill health potential or not. It means that we are not doomed to live helplessly on pills or on raw carrots!

How come no one is telling us the truth?

This is the truth: you have a tremendous amount of control over how your genetic traits are expressed. Pills and potions are Big Business. Nobody from the Big Pharma is going to jump for joy about the latest findings in the field of epigentics! They will never ever going to admit we can control our diseases and live our lives stresless.
If the drugs won’t work, than they will sell you cast iron pots and organic food. They have a solution for us, just don’t think you don’t need to buy anything from them.

Yes, some manufactured drugs can be life savers in certain circumstances. But let’s keep it like that “certain circumstances”. They are the best in emergency cases. But otherwise, I think we should live our lives without fear of getting sick, of getting cancer, or even worse, starting to cut off our organs (see Angelina Jolie). There are lots and lots and LOTS of bad things that can happen to us. We cannot prevent all of them. Sometimes we cannot prevent any of them. Why destroying our lives even more?

I will always stick to a balanced life. I hope I can always follow this rule. And never forget it. Eat from everything, do whatever pleases me, enjoy as much as possible from everything. And see exactly what I like from this life. 
Focus on what is good, on what I love. And yes, eat McDonalds from time to time, or drink the stupid Coke once in a while – as bad as I know it is. 
Because I trust my body to be able to handle it. To adjust, to change, to expel the toxin, and basically to do what it knows better than I will ever know.

The secret to life does not lie within our DNA, but with that rather elusive idea of consciousness. It has been already demonstrated that our genes CHANGE depending on what is happening outside of our cells and even outside of our bodies. For energy there is no difference between outside and inside. The environment that our genes respond to includes our conscious thoughts, emotions, and also our unconscious beliefs.

Our world’s logic cannot be understood with our logic (as we know it). So, if this doesn’t work, let’s try the crazy way: “We may get sick again and again, than we may spill boiling water on us, than we may get something else, well, I will still focus on positive.”  

Why would I think something like that could work?
Because they think that positive attracts positive? NO. Because there is only energy everywhere. And it’s up to me to turn it into white or black.

“Information flows in both directions, from DNA to proteins and from proteins to DNA, so genes can be activated and de-activated by signals from the environment!

Genes change their expression depending on what is happening outside of our cells and even outside of our bodies. In terms of energy, there is no distinction between what is happening ‘out there’ and what is happening ‘inside’ us. So the ‘environment’ that our genes respond to includes our conscious thoughts, emotions, and also our unconscious beliefs.” (Jaime Tanna)

Remember that negative energies are triggered in response to an event. It’s not the event itself that causes disease, it’s our response to it. Be crazy and ignore the negative things. Focus on positive.

And if something so impossible-to-change like genes (as we have been taught by now) can be changed, so will everything else. Basically, if we manage to make pink in our thoughts and emotions, our body will be pink, too. And so will be our life.

Always watch your reactions to the environment. It’s up to you how you respond to it. 

From what I see, it’s our only way out.

Filter all info!

I do not pretend to have disclosed any mystery here. I do not make any recommendations, nor give any advice.  It’s only my logic.
If I have to give an advise to anybody, ever, like I will eventually give to my son, it would be to filter all info he receives. Nobody in this world holds the ultimate truth. Nobody should be trusted. Truth is relative like everything else in this world.


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