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What is citrus honey?

what is orange honey good for

Why citrus? Why not orange honey, or lemon honey? What does citrus honey mean? Well, we use this terminology for 2 reasons: 1. Because usually there is not only one specific orchard. Different species, hybrids, varieties and cultivars of citrus are all common to Mediterranean countries. They are cultivated for the production of fruits and aromatic essences and are placed next to each other. All their nectar is highly attractive to bees. The honey resulted is called citrus honey. The nectar can come from: oranges, grapefruit, lemons, mandarins, tangerines,… Read More

Alcohol detoxification with honey

honey for alcohol injured liver

What do we know about alcohol?  That it is a powerful OXIDANT. Oh my God! Today we keep on hearing: take Vit C because is a powerful antioxidant, herb X is a powerful antioxidant…so many superfoods, superherbs are praised as powerful antioxidants, they have to be ANTI. So, if we want to be healthy it seems that all we have to do is eat ANTI-oxidants, so that we won’t oxidate! 🙂 Alcohol seems to be our ferocious enemy, because it… Read More