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types of honey and their use

‘Acacia honey’

Honey is a natural remedy for conjunctivitis. And other eye diseases.

special honey to treat eye conditions

Raw organic honey is used for eye diseases. This is not a new discovery, not something that needs to be put in the headlines of our daily news. There are details about this ever since 350 BC, when Aristotle wrote his Historia Animalium. So why have we completely abandoned this traditional way of healing our eyes? In Mali and traditional Indian medicine honey has been long used to treat eye disorders. Mayas were using honey for the eyes. Russia, Egypt, Romania are… Read More

Acacia honey is made of false acacia!

acacia honey aka black locust honey

It’s true: Acacia honey isn’t made from acacia! There are some unifloral types of honey that are similar all over the world, like acacia honey or linden honey. Others are only appreciated in specific parts of world, like honeydew honey (fir or pine honey) is in Europe. Other types like eucalyptus, thyme, orange blossom honey are appreciated more in their origin places. But all Americans love acacia honey. Probably because the tree originates from their country, or because of the purity of the color and… Read More