natural remedies part 4

The best natural remedies for colds – part 4

Let’s continue the series of the best natural remedies for colds and flue, with another 3 supplemental ways of treating ourselves.

20. Change your diet.

It is recommended to avoid some foods that are believed to produce mucus: dairy, refined sweets, white flour, animal fats and everything fried.

Instead try to feed yourself with less processed food. Less complicated.
Your food should be easy to digest, so the body can rapidly take the nutrients and invest all its energy into fighting the virus. A less acid food will make a non-friendly environment for the microbes. For this, avoid fizzy drinks, sparkling water – anything acidulated, coffee, sweets, fast-food, fried or overcooked food.

plate with oranges and banana

Eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. We don’t necessarily need fibers in this period, so it is better to juice them instead of blending. We will have a larger quantity of vitamins and nutrients. Warm the juice by adding a little hot water and one (or even two) spoon of good honey.

Drink a clear soup instead of eating an over-processed meal. Drink lots of warm liquids. They will help you fluidize the mucus, which will be easily eliminated.
Be consistent! One is not enough. Remember that natural remedies don’t make a visible change as fast as synthetic drugs do. Keep your diet for all the illness time and add a few days after that.

21. Rest. Sleep. Laugh.

Allow your body to heal itself. In the end, it’s the only one that can do it.
Don’t go to work. Or school. Thus you will also protect your colleagues of taking the virus from you.

And once you are at home, don’t start cleaning up the house!
Drink tea and stay warm in the bed. Allow yourself to sleep. If you can’t, then watch a good movie. And by good, I don’t understand Casablanca or Titanic, but a great comedy, so you can laugh till your jaws hurt! Realy LOL!

The scientist have discovered that laughing can improve your health with 20%!
And that’s no joke!

laughing improves your health with 20%

22. Meditate. Clear emotional baggage and heal yourself energetically.

Now this is advanced bullshit – a friend of mine would say. 🙂

I agree, it is advanced. And rather hard to achieve. Nevertheless, it is the most effective of all methods.

A state of illness is basically, at a deeper level, a state of imbalance.
If the energetic / emotional body is in a state of balance, the physical body functions perfectly. Meaning that it can face and destroy any kind of virus, germ, microbe or whatever external pathogen.
When energetic blockages appear, the physical organ associated with will not function properly.

tao for healingGoing even deeper in our attempt of finding the real source of our illness, we must know that an energetic blockage or an overload of energy is caused by an emotional / affective imbalance.

Everything that is too much destroys our emotional stability. Too much hate, or too much love, will equally lead to imbalance and illness.

What usually shakes our stability are negative feelings like: fear, anger, envy, frustration. They get us out of our balance and peace and produce an overload of negative energy, which will burn us first!

This is why we should do this first:

Clear emotional baggage!
Push the button of balance!

How do we do that?
Meditate. Though this word is not the right one here, as meditation has a more mystical side than a psychological one. We think back in time and analyze.
First we search for powerful feelings that we have, and then we search for inner conflicts. 

What’s an inner conflict?
It’s when you did something that you regret after that. Like when you told your friend he was stupid and then felt sorry you did that. And then started hating yourself for this.
Whenever you disagree with yourself, whenever you criticize yourself and feel disappointed, you create a state of war, of fight within yourself, which breaks the energetic balance. This leads to a weakening of your defense system and your physical body can be easily attacked.

What shall we do?
Ask yourself questions like: Am I upset? On who? Why? Have I told him that? Has anything changed? Am I satisfied I did that? I am ok this this? If I’m not, have I told him that I’m not? …and so on till we get to the bottom of it.

Throat is usually connected to the things we did not say. We censored ourselves and our words got stuck in our throat. That’s why it got ill easily.
Whenever we can say something with metaphorical connotation, like talking about a situation that “doesn’t smell good”, or “I refuse to take this” – they will all relate to a physical organ. Nose, ears, throat, stomach and so on. If we are paying attention to our reaction, we may discover what’s wrong wit us.

There are so many possibilities, though. Cleaning bad feelings through physical pain is sometimes a necessity we cannot interfere with, for our own good. You may call it karma, or God’s punishment, it’s about the same thing.

Self healing? Energetically?

If you do yoga or any other form of activity which implies a steady focus, a brain trained to maintain one single thought or image in mind for as long as 15 minutes, than this is peace of cake for you.
You already know that if we can invest enough attention and energy into our thoughts, than they can alter reality.

If you can completely relax, like in a meditative state, or like in the state between sleep and awareness, and imagine a stream of sparkling-purple-healing energy coming from the hights of the sky and pouring over your whole body, like raining over it, if you can focus on the tinglings your body feels when receiving pure energy, and feel this with every cell of your body, and especially, if you can focus on this for at least 15 minutes, then the healing is already done. But that’s a lot of ‘if’s.

So, is my friend right?

sunflower bullet

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