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What is royal jelly good for and how to take it.

what is royal jelly good for and how to take it

Royal jell is the most valuable bee product, yet we still don’t know what it is good for and how to take it. People all over the world have heard of its incredible health benefits but are still not sure when to use it and how. Here are some of the conditions which showed improvements and even complete healing after treatment with royal jelly. In the past the unanimously accepted daily dose was of 0.2 g, and the administration was mostly in the form… Read More

Bee venom – a potential natural treatment for HIV

natural treatment for hiv

For some time people on Earth are confronted with a powerful virus. First, we all ask for a natural treatment for HIV, and then become so scared that go with chemicals. Yet, on 8 March 2013, the said the science world reported a recent discovery that had potential to change the world. For the better. Logical question: what happened since? Scientists managed to find another use for our dear honey bees: they used their venom to find a way of preventing the spread of HIV.… Read More

How to cure HIV? The black seeds, Nigella Sativa, have the answer!

nigella sativa a natural treatment for hiv

Remember the words “This black seed is a cure for every disease except death”? How to cure HIV? Well, with black seeds. Today, when we are investing so much money in discovering a cure for HIV, to say that it can be cured by some seeds, sounds foolish. At least. I mean, we heard of many cancers that were naturally cured, even spontaneously, but never about HIV disappearing from the body. On the other hand, we cannot hear them all.… Read More