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How to treat cold symptoms, especially in children

Colds again? Here is how to treat cold symptoms using only one natural product. It’s old but science confirms it works!

Here is a recent study proving I’m not just being obsessed with propolis for nothing! The study was called “Propolis nasal spray effectively improves recovery from infectious acute rhinitis and common cold symptoms in children: a pilot study.” It was conducted by Marti J et al., from Spain and was published in J Biol Regul Homeost Agents. 2017 Oct-Dec;31(4):943-950.

Forty children suffering from acute rhinitis and common cold symptoms, with ages between 2-12 years, participated in a prospective epidemiological multicentre study.

The kids were given propolis nasal spray 3 times per day. And no other treatment. 

The research team measured the symptom intensity using the Jackson’s scoring test. They compared symptomatology, subjective global improvement and quality of life at the first day of treatment (day1) and the last day (day 7).

At day 4 the results showed a resolution of symptoms.
At day 7 there was a significant decrease of symptoms both in the total score (p less than 0.0001) and in regard to each acute rhinitis symptom (p less than 0.01). The subjective global improvement impression and the quality of life of the patients significantly improved after this simple treatment.
On the whole, there were no symptoms by day 7.

The study also says there was no need for supplementary treatment. Which is something pretty rare in treating a cold. And also very important: No adverse events were found globally.
Now the legit question: What OTC drug can offer that?

Here is the researchers’ conclusion: “It can be concluded that propolis nasal spray effectively improves recovery from infectious AR and common cold symptoms in children and is an optimal alternative in the treatment of this disease without need for any adjuvant treatment.”

• And here is my personal experience with propolis.

how to naturally treat a coldMy boy is 7 years old now (2018) and every time his nose starts running I give him propolis essence (In the picture). It’s a product made in Romania, using a certain recipe for which the producer received SILVER MEDAL IWIS 2011 at the Warsaw World Invention Salon and a SPECIAL AWARD from the ASIA INVENTION CREATIVITY ASSOCIATION.

But first let me tell you my story and then I’ll come back to this product.

My son goes to school and at 7 years old he doesn’t have a powerful immune system. It’s winter and the viruses are more than ever. Or so it seems! And is always about viruses. Our body never gets a cold because it’s cold outside. Our body reacts with sneezing and running nose whenever it needs to expel viruses and their toxins out of our body. This is its job after all.

I knew about the good effect propolis has against colds and flu, but at the time, propolis essence was done using alcohol or glycerol. And because we moms get scared easily and oftentimes exaggerate with what we give to our children, the one single article I read about a side-effect appeared after using an alcoholic tincture, was enough to give up at the alcoholic propolis product.

The article was telling about a child suffering of something (I forgot what) and he was given an alcoholic tincture (not from propolis but some herb) for a rather long period of time. The child ended up with a hepatic cirrhosis, because even small amounts of alcohol given regularly and for a long period of time to a child will destroy his liver.

Somehow this couldn’t apply to my case, as I was not going to give it for a long time and besides, propolis is known for its liver protective properties, and it would have fought against alcohol.
But still, I didn’t give it to my child.

Then I heard about Propolis essence, which is a water extract. So now I give him 1 drop per kg body weight 3 times per day, from the first signs of a cold. At day 5 he is free of any symptoms. Yet, I continue to give him for another 5 days, just to be sure. 🙂

And a funny thing happened recently. There was a chickenpox epidemic in his class of pupils. Usually the incubation period is from 5 to 21 days. At day 14 after exposure, he developed what seemed like a cold (though it could have been the first signs of the disease, which may start with cold-like symptoms) I put him on propolis essence and he was fine.

I gave him propolis for 14 days and then I stopped. He was feeling very good. After another 2 days the first blisters appeared and chickenpox started. There were 30 days after exposure. And I still wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t had stopped propolis.

He had a light form of chickenpox, with almost no fever and not very itching blisters. An easy form thanks to his “stronger immune system”- as our pediatrician said!!

The above study was done using only a nasal propolis spray which acted more locally and cured the cold. Giving propolis internally affected the entire body and also raised his immunity, working exactly where it was needed. Our body knows best.

Today there are a few nasal sprays with propolis on a water base, on our market. Phenalex, the company that does Propolis Essence also makes Sinus Spa Spray Nasal – which contains propolis and comes in 3 forms, for babies, children and adults.

The only problem is that these are pretty local products. The sellers don’t have their websites translated in English and is rather difficult to buy from there. if you want to have an idea of what are the costs of shipping the best way is to simply ask them in an email at this address.

I could find a very similar product to Propolis Essence on Amazon, made by Manuka Health, New Zealand, based on a water formula: Manuka Health Propolis Liquid 25% BIO30 (Alcohol Free), 25 Ml.

Where can I find propolis nasal spray?

nasal spray with Brazilian water based propolis extract available on Amazon 

Amazon can offer you some good products, and many of them are water based, exactly how we need for our children’s sensitive nasal mucosa.
The propolis extract has antiseptic, bactericidal, antiviral and healing action. Because it is an aqueous propolis extract it does not irritate and does not dry the nasal mucosa.

Each country has its own local online shops and you can find them there. It’s the easiest way to treat cold symptoms, so don’t hesitate.

• A nasal spray made with Brasilian propolis water extract, after a formula used for more than 20 years in Scandinavia, suitable for children 2 years old and up: NaturaNectar Nasal Guardian, Propolis Nasal Spray, 1 FL Ounce.

• A French product, Propolia® Nasal Spray – Propolis, Thyme and Eucalyptus by Propolia

• A Romanian product Spray Nasal Nazomer Prop – acute and chronic rhinosinusitis, – atrophy of the nasal mucosa, 30 ml, Pro Natura, which is shiped from Romania, so it can be rather expensive. I personally tried it, it is good.
It is recommended for nasal passage hygiene, for hydration and humidification of nasal mucosa in dry environments, for scarring of injuries or broken capillary vessels, allergic rhinitis and prevention of respiratory diseases.

• Amazon.co.uk offers more products, but usually propolis is combined with other hers, like with bostwellia.
– Here is a spray made with propolis and seawater, goodnot only in colds but also in chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis or pharmaceutical rhinitis caused by prolonged use of various decongestant medicines: All Natural Seawater Nasal Spray with PROPOLIS – for Colds, Blocked Nose & Hayfever, Heals Minor Nasal Injuries. Non Allergic, Suitable for Adults, Pregnant Women and Children (35ml).

For throat problems, propolis helps to relieve coughs, hoarseness and sore throat:

• My first recommendation goes to a UMF certified manuka honey producer, Comvita: Comvita Propolis Oral Spray, UMF 10+, Natural Immune Support, 20mL

It contains more than just propolis and honey: Glycerin, Aqua, 10% Manuka Honey UMF10+, Propolis Extract, Mentha piperita (Peppermint) oil, Illicium verum (aniseed) fruit/seed oil, Commiphora myrrha (Myrrh) oil.
Unfortunately it cannot be given to babies or toddlers. The recommended dosage addresses to adults and children over 5 years: Spray 1-3 pumps into the mouth or on the back of the throat as often as required.

• Here is a spray made in Canada, from propolis made in remote Canadian apiaries. It is a good product recommended to treat sore throat in children (2 yo and up), containing propolis extract, non-GMO vegetable glycerin and purified water: Bee Propolis – Immune Support – Sore Throat Spray – 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE from Beekeeper’s Naturals – NA sourced premium 95% Propolis Extract – natural cold flu cough medicine – great for kids!

What is propolis and why is it that good?

Propolis is a natural resinous mixture produced by honey bees from substances collected from parts of plants, buds, and exudates.

Bees use propolis in the construction and repair of their hives for sealing openings and cracks and smoothing out the internal walls and as a protective barrier against external invaders like snakes, lizards, and so forth, or against weathering threats like wind and rain.

Current antimicrobial applications of propolis include formulations for cold syndrome (upper respiratory tract infections, common cold, and flu-like infections), wound healing, treatment of burns, acne, herpes simplex and genitalis, and neurodermatitis. But that’s not all of it. Recent studies have proved hone propolis can even treat leukemia, liver conditions, fight against radiations and has anti-inflamatory effects, and antibacterial properties.

It comes in different forms: ointment, pills, essence, spray, syrup, toothpaste and so many others.

Depending on the source propolis can be green, brown and red. But the most common comes from poplar. NaturaNectar from Brasil sells propolis of very good quality on Amazon.
Read more about Brazilian Green Propolis health benefits.



References and picture credit:


Phenalex Romania

Featured picture with child sneezing – credit bk1bennett via flickr.com under CC

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