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Here are my best 2 recipes for December. One for the body, one for the soul!

When winter comes we think of hot wine. With cinnamon.
Basically of lots of food.
Well, no matter what you eat or drink, don’t give up the wine, that’s for sure! Winter won’t taste the same without it.
Here is a recipe which uses garlic, lemon, honey and baking soda, to give you a teaspoon of health that you would love. And keep you from getting as big as a Christmass tree! (Because of the good food, of course…)


  • 1 garlic
  • Juice of 2 lemons
  • 100 grams of raw honey
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda


Peel the garlic and cut all the cloves into very small pieces. Mix them with lemon juice, honey and baking soda. Transfer the mixture into a clean glass jar and let it rest for 8-10 days. After that period it is perfect for consumption. Store it in the refrigerator.

Who invented it?

Who knows it anymore? But it is said that this is made by the Tibetan population (though I personally haven’t talked to any real Tibetan person who could confirm it…), which recognizes it as one of the best and easy to make combinations, with amazing effects on health:

– Due to its antioxidant properties, honey mixture will protect you from cancer, diabetes, constipation, osteoporosis, helping in maintaining an optimum body weight.

– According to recent studies lemon juice combined with soda could save millions of lives which are in danger of chronic disease occurrence. Both lemon juice and baking soda bring the pH of the body in the normal range. It is even said that this combination would be 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy.

– Garlic is considered to be the most powerful natural antibiotic, research revealing that it cleanses the body of any parasite, protects it from the development of diabetes and the occurrence of several types of cancer.

When to use this remedy:

For the treatment of cancer: three teaspoons daily, taken one month and then having a break for the next month. And then repeat the same procedure: one month treatment, one month rest, till you cover the 6th month. It should be followed by a 6 month period of no treatment. Next year restart the treatment in the same manner.

To prevent cancer and diabetes: take one teaspoon on an empty stomach daily for 4 months a year (preferably in the first month of each season)

To maintain an optimal weight: eat seven days per month a teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach, but not more than 6 months per year.

To eliminate intestinal parasites, it is necessary to consume this mixture daily for 10 days, a teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach.

For a complete detoxification of the body take 3 teaspoons daily for 1 month.

And here is the Number 2 Recipe, the one for the soul. And not only.

Personal Recipe (Advice) for this month…

Forget about eating healthy! Focus on something else. No, I will not say to focus on compassion, gratitude and giving. Or on making presents to bring happiness to somebody else. Or show them (exactly right now, as no other moment of the year is good for this) how much we appreciate them in out existence.

Christmas basically signifies a start. A birth. Not of a savior of the world, but of a world. One fresh world.
(The cultural Zeitgeist tells us a story that during Christmas time we celebrate the birth of Jesus, however we are actually following astrological patterns, celebrating the balance with seasonal cycles and the procession of the equinox.)

We want a better life, and because we cannot afford it, we ask it to a mythical, a supernatural being from another world, to help and bring us the things that we desire. But look, here is the trick. Even if this character has supernatural powers, he does not know what we want. (Or, simply doesn’t want to be hold responsible for our never-ending complaints…) Which is why, we have to decide for ourselves. And, MAKE A LIST!

Yes, make a list.

This is one of the most important parts of the Christmas story. “Making a list” is actually a Pagan ritual that will allow the manifestation of intention. Why now, why this time of the year? Because it is said that the energetic vortex of the winter solstice provides a gift that allows humanity to connect with a higher power to gain insight.

Of course we make a list, you would say. But it’s a list of material things that we desire. Much influenced by commercials and this surrounding consumerism that we live in. The list is not made for a Santa, but for parents and friends and loved ones….

How would it be to make a list for Santa? What would you want for? Don’t tell me, I know: Health. It would be like, Hey, I know I screwed up my body with alcohol and drugs, fast-food and tons of sugar, I know I lived a reckless life, sat on sofa and watched TV all day or (the opposite) insanely worked for 18 hours a day to gain respect and lots of money. Or even if you don’t fit in any of the categories from above, and you still got this hideous disease that wouldn’t let you live happily, even if it is impossible, in the context of your environment, to eradicate this disease, you would still want “health”. It’s understandable. Others are healthy. Others are happy. Others have everything you don’t have.

What I want to say is that we may be tempted to put on Santa’s shoulders impossible tasks, and that maybe we do not deserve, or really want them, or they could bring us unhappiness in the future (so possible!).

Why not trying something different? Instead of asking a god, no matter his name, or a saint, or any other supernatural “being”, for things that we want, why not creating them for ourselves?

Creating them for ourselves?

Yes. We can do that. The winter equinox offers this opportunity. It has enough power to support our wishes. Even more, this year, 2015, stars also work in our favor. Starting from 25th of December to 6th of January 2016, planets will all go in the same direction. This is a rare astrological happening, you can read more about here. What we need to know is that this movement offers a powerful vibration which (among other things) helps in materializing thoughts more quickly.

And then it is entirely our choice to ask even for the most unreasonable things, even if we deserve them or not. For us or for others. We can make a list for a supernatural power like Santa Clause, to our God (whatever the name), or to the whole Universe. Or we can simply address it to our deeper version of ourselves, our superior ego-s that exist in different dimensions. make Because we are asking them to ourselves. Like talking to a different version of ourselves, from a different dimension.

So, let’s write our own recipes. Our own lists. Make your wishes sound as if there are mere affirmations. Regular, common things that you already have and are thankful for. Things like: I am healthy and very grateful for this. I laugh a lot, as like everything I do and I am loved. My heart is full of love and peace. I have a beautiful wife (especially if you are looking for one!) who loves me and live in a nice apartment. And so on.
Be careful and don’t overdo it. Focus on fewer things and so you will invest more energy into them, thus raising the chances of materializing them.

After the list is done, the most difficult part follows:

Take it 3 times per day!

There is no joke here. Like with any other medicine, once is so not enough!
When it comes to desires, thoughts, affirmations, repetition is very very important. Take your list and read it. Three times per day. More if you have time. Now is the time to action, to work for your own wishes in a different way.
Read it calmly. Play God who started to create a new world. Now it’s your time to create a new life for you. Say: “let it be light”. Now, the Universe can hear you.

I’ve read this somewhere, though I don’t remember where. It says “It’s a time of year, when we plant the seeds of our intentions, into the soil of the universe.”

🙂 🙂 🙂

References and picture credits:

A Jar Of Honey Stock Photo Photo by Mister GC via freedigitalphotos.net

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