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What is the best low-cost treatment for burns?

Everybody wants now to find the best low-cost treatment for burns because there are plenty of expensive ones. But when we have many animals and some with large burns, or when it happens too often to our pets, we tend to search for a cheaper treatment that still offers the best result. It is possible today, as it was recently shown in a study at the Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine, Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing,… Read More

Bee Bread has antimicrobial potency against Staphylococcus aureus

how to kill MRSA

Bee bread has powerful antimicrobial effect. Against Staphylococcus aureus, and even MRSA. Eat it! Diversity is the first rule of a healthy diet. The second is moderation. Introduce new products in your diet, preferably healthy ones and enjoy their side-effects: healing and good mood. It’s the case of bee bread. In order to feed their larvae and young bees, honey bees collect pollen from flowers. (Pollen is the flowers’ male reproductive cell). They mix it with their saliva and turn… Read More

What is the bee bread composition?

composition of bee bread

Bee Bread composition refers to: moisture, protein, ashes, lipids, carbohydrates, sugars, polyphenols, amino-acids, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. This is what bee bread is made of. It’s a superfood for bees and humans alike. Bee bread, also found written in one word, beebread, is a less known product of the hive, equally nutritious and healthy. Honey bees take their vital carbohydrates from nectar and pollen. The rest of of their necessary nutrients like lipids, proteins, minerals, vitamins cannot be found… Read More

One amazing fact about bees: cannot fly over a mirror or a still lake!

bees cannot fly over mirror of a still lake

Did you know that bees cannot fly over a mirror or a still lake? It’s true, they can’t. They crash into the ground because they cannot gauge their altitude. Sometimes, the same thing happens to human pilots. It is a biological fact called spatial disorientation. When pilots are unable to see their ground speed, they struggle to maintain their altitude. But don’t worry about that, in our help we have the airplane instruments that measure the altitude. These instruments help… Read More

How is evodia honey? Ever heard of bee bee tree?

evodia honey aka tetradium or bee bee tree honey

Tetradium daniellii (syn. Tetradium hupehensis) belongs to Tetradium, a genus of trees in the family Rutaceae, occurring in temperate to tropical east Asia. It is also known as Euodia, Evodia, Korean Evodia or Bee bee tree. Because this tree is LOVED by bees. Read more to see how is evodia honey and how can one get it. Tetradium daniellii, named after the British army surgeon and botanist William Freeman Daniell, originates from southwestern China and Korea, grows slowly to be… Read More