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How to boost the immune system naturally – Part 2

how to boost my immunity naturally

Part 1 on How to boost the immune system naturally  11. Massage Researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, published a study in which 29 adults who received a 45-minute Swedish massage had an increased number of lymphocytes and lower levels of cytokines (molecules that play a role in inflammation) decreased levels of cortisol.  Even if you are not used to having massages, when you feel too tense try a Swedish massage. It’s not deep tissue massage, as some… Read More

How to boost the immune system naturally. Part 1

how to boost the immune system naturally

Wondering how to boost the immune system naturally? Here are 20 ways of boosting your immune system without chemicals. We have been created perfectly. Our body has an immune system that is not fully understood by our researchers, despite the enormous progress that has already been done. But there are situations when we feel overwhelmed, too frightened for our children and elder, too exhausted of spending money on chemical drugs that won’t work. Unable to control stress and always in… Read More

How to cure hemorrhoids naturally? Is honey good for piles?

can honey cure piles

Probably the person who invented the famous phrase “like a pain in the but” had hemorrhoids. It is funny for those who never had this problems. But for the others, it’s an embarrassing subject. These people will first wonder how to cure hemorrhoids naturally, before becoming unbearable and going to a doctor. Because no matter how you put it, the pain in the but is real. Is honey good for piles? If it is that good in healing almost all… Read More

Is honey good for ulcer? Does manuka honey kill Helicobacter pylori?

does manuka honey kill h pylory

Is there a natural way to cure stomach ulcer? Is honey good for ulcer or gastritis? Does manuka honey kill Helicobacter pylori? Or heal the ulcer? Before going to check if the pain we feel is cased by an ulcer in our stomach (gastroscopy is the test that can accurately diagnose stomach ulcer) we hope we can solve the problem at home, by changing parts of our diets (actually eliminating some of the acidic food that give immediate pain or… Read More

Royalactin from royal jelly keeps stem cells in embryonic, pluripotent state.

what makes me young? see the health benefits of royal jelly

Royalactin, the most important component of Royal Jelly, helped scientists keep stem cells in their embryonic, pluripotent state, for up to 20 generations in culture without the need for inhibitors. This lead to the discovery of a similar mammalian protein with the same effect on stem cells. In a long run, this means that in the future we may have drugs with stem cells. Stem cells are the novel hope. Anything that goes wrong in the body can be fixed with… Read More

What is almond honey? And where is it?

what is almond honey

Almond honey is one type of honey that is not intended for human consumption. Almond honey is sweet with a strong nutty aftertaste according to some people, while others say it’s bitter and nasty. A bad honey. That’s intriguing because it comes from the the nectar of almond flowers and we all love almonds (except whose with allergy to them, of course). Name: Almond tree Scientific name: Amygdalus communis L. (Rosaceae), a synonym of Prunus dulcis  and Prunus amygdalus. A species of Prunus belonging to the subfamily Prunoideae of… Read More