Short review of different kinds of bee hives

find the most beautiful bee hive

This post talks about the passion of beekeepers, as it is seen on their different kinds of bee hives. How the hives look when we have good materials to build them, and how when we don’t even have where to place them. How people dedicate their lives to build something different and how wild bees make their nests, from our garbage! Though this site is dedicated to honey and its effects on our body, I will mention some things about… Read More

Do bees bite? Yes! And sting, too. Are honey bees aggressive? No. Almost…..

honey bees bite and sting

Insects usually bite, do bees bite, too? Isn’t stinging good enough? If they bite and sting, are honey bees aggressive? We can’t exactly picture a peaceful monk, full of weapons, right? So, yes, bees bite, too. I know you wouldn’t expect that. I didn’t believe it at first. But we cannot argue with scientists, can we? Yet, don’t worry, they will never bite people. Why? Because they bite only very small animals, that cannot be stung! Like wax moth and the parasitic… Read More

Honey and walnuts health benefits: treat anemia, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure. And make a reliable aphrodisiac!

honey and walnuts are amazing for fertility and anemia

Searching for honey and walnuts health benefits I was surprised to find that people are looking only for walnuts health benefits. And that the combination of the two is reduced to only being an aphrodisiac. But it’s way more than that! Yes, honey and walnuts were used since the Romans, in fertility rites, and in some places it is still a habitual dish at the wedding party. And the list is long, seems like people have researched a lot in the… Read More

Bee venom – a potential natural treatment for HIV

natural treatment for hiv

For some time people on Earth are confronted with a powerful virus. First, we all ask for a natural treatment for HIV, and then become so scared that go with chemicals. Yet, on 8 March 2013, the said the science world reported a recent discovery that had potential to change the world. For the better. Logical question: what happened since? Scientists managed to find another use for our dear honey bees: they used their venom to find a way of preventing the spread of HIV.… Read More

What causes CCD? Do pesticides kill bees? Or radiations? Pathogens? Aliens?

what is CCD

What causes CCD? Do pesticides kill bees? These are valid questions we hear a lot these days. But what if the truth is completely different, and the pesticides are merely dust in the eyes? Of course anybody connected somehow to the bees, wonders what causes CCD. The possibilities are numerous and it’s quite easy to blame someone else. But who is blaming who here? What is CCD? It’s Colony Collapse Disorder. A highfalutin way of saying that bees are disappearing. Because this is the… Read More