Borage honey

blue borage honey health benefits

Borago officinalis L. is a widely spread wild flower, used in both traditional and modern medicine, in beekeeping as it provides high amounts of both nectar and pollen, in agriculture as a companion plant and as a culinary ingredient. The honey resulted from its nectar is equally beneficial. It’s a very spread wild flower, found almost everywhere on the planet, known in English as Borage, or Blue Borage, in French: Bourrache officinale, in Italian: Borragine, in German: Borretsch, in Spanish: Borraja, in Finnish: Purasruoho, in Romanian: Limba… Read More

Viper’s Bugloss honey (Echium vulgare honey)

vipers bugloss aka echium vulgare

Viper’s Bugloss honey comes from Viper’s Bugloss flowers, also known as Echium vulgare, blueweed, blue thistle, blue devil, snake flower or snake’s tongue. It is a rather exotic native plan that makes lots of nectar and pollen and for this reason the flower is very much loved by the honey bees. Plus that it can be found till late September and offers the bees the possibility of gathering their necessary food for the winter. Viper’s bugloss is a plant that can be easily found because… Read More

What are oligolectic bees?

Just like people, some bees are picky. They forage only some flowers and they are called oligolectic bees. There are even bees that like only one plant. They are monolectic bees. But most of the bees are polylectic and they will eat without much preferences. There are over 20,000 species of bees. Some say even 30,000. This is a more diversity than in all mammals plus birds put together. Only in North America there are 4,000 species, in California: 1,600 species, in Yolo County: more than 300 species. Considering… Read More

Revamil medical grade honey. Comparison to manuka honey.

revamil the perfect dressing for your wounds

Though it is medical grade honey, Revamil it is NOT MADE FROM MANUKA HONEY. Revamil is a CE-marked, standardized, medical-grade honey, produced under controlled conditions in greenhouses, by Bfactory Health Products, Rhenen, The Netherlands. Revamil is sourced in the Netherlands from healthy bee colonies under controlled circumstances. As a result of this controlled production process, Revamil has a reproducible, highly antibacterial effect. All products are CE-registered and therefore comply with all of the safety requirements which are important for professional wound care. The researchers at the University… Read More