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Manuka honey makes the best energy boosting supplements for aerobic exercise

the best energy boosting supplements for athletes are made with manuka honey

Manuka honey is an ingredient that makes the best energy boosting supplements for all aerobic exercises. They fuel, hydrate, energize and recover the entire body. Manuka Sport is the first producer that makes supplements with manuka honey to be taken before, during and after physical activity. If athletes need supplements and they like sweet things like a regular person, then replacing supplements that contain table sugar with honey is the best choice. Without needing to know any other bit of… Read More

Do you have low blood sugar after exercising? Eat some honey. But don’t do it in bodybuilding!

eat honey after your exercises

If you are serious about your exercises, then you surely know about “hypoglycemia cycle”. Low blood sugar. Within 45–90 min of moderate to high intensity exercise your glycogen stores can be almost entirely depleted. What does this mean? It means no fuel in your tank. No more energy. And not for another set of exercises, but to ensure the good functioning of your organism. If you keep on exercising, your body will need other sources to provide energy, such as… Read More

What is the best bodybuilding supplement?

royal jelly is great to increase sport performance

Every teen is asking nowadays “What is the best bodybuilding supplement?” And they all know about creatine supplements and protein powders, or human growth hormone, anabolic supplements and testosterone support stacks. If all these are used correctly and in combination with effective workouts and proper diet, all of them can significantly increase the pace at which you build muscle and sport performance. But how many of them, or of us actually, know about royal jelly? You probably heard of it: it’s the bee… Read More

Can bee pollen boost the sport performance?

pollen is a good food supplements for athletes

The previous post was about how honey can help sport performance. How about bee pollen? Can bee pollen boost the sport performance? Considering that pollen is a form of honey in a more condensed form, sort of saying… Pollen is really powerful stuff, why shouldn’t we take it to boost our energy and increase our immunity while we are pushing the limits of our physical body in our endeavor to make performance? To be honest, I don’t agree with this… Read More

Honey benefits for athletes

honey is good for sports performance

The honey benefits for athletes have been recently demonstrated by many studies. Honey is a simple, effective and inexpensive carbohydrate alternative to the highly-refined sugars found in other sport drinks and bars. Richard Kreider, Professor and Department Head, Health and Kinesiology at Texas A&M University, previously Chair of the Department of Health, Human Performance & Recreation at Baylor University and Director of the Exercise & Sport Nutrition Lab and Center for Exercise, Nutrition and Preventive Health (are you impressed? well, he has a Curriculum Vita of 60 WORD pages!),… Read More