Cannabis honey. Is it possible?

honey made from cannabis

Honey from cannabis. Well, why not? If lately cannabis has proved itself to be so helpful for the health of our body (not our mind!) why not making honey out of it? And I don’t mean making a boiled syrup, or infused honey with this plant, but real honey made by real honey bees. On March 2016, the Internet was offering a piece of news telling us about a bee trainer, who managed to make the bees visit cannabis plants. A lot of comments… Read More

Eat honey! It’s good for your heart problem!

honey prevents heart problems

Cardiac problems are #1 cause of mortality. Honey prevents and helps in treating heart problems as well as vascular ones. Even if you don’t have cardiovascular issues, or diabetes, or obesity, you may still be in danger of having a heart attack. Because we cannot always take care of our diet, and we cannot handle our emotions as well as we would like to and we still don’t know exactly how harmful these can be to the heart. In this situation… Read More

Why is honey so valuable? What are polyphenols and what are they good for?

which are the polyphenols in honey

Honey contains lots of healthy compounds, polyphenols included, highly beneficial to our bodies. We’ve heard this a lot: honey is good, it has antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes… “It’s a natural antibiotic” – all honey sellers will tell you that, even if they don’t even know what these are. In the end, we don’t really need to know what’s inside honey (in fact scientists haven’t even discovered yet all its compounds ) as long as it does its job, right? Do we need to know… Read More

Honey is a natural remedy for conjunctivitis. And other eye diseases.

special honey to treat eye conditions

Raw organic honey is used for eye diseases. This is not a new discovery, not something that needs to be put in the headlines of our daily news. There are details about this ever since 350 BC, when Aristotle wrote his Historia Animalium. So why have we completely abandoned this traditional way of healing our eyes? In Mali and traditional Indian medicine honey has been long used to treat eye disorders. Mayas were using honey for the eyes. Russia, Egypt, Romania are… Read More