Is manuka honey a natural treatment for MRSA? Is it the best?

manuka honey for mrsa

Is manuka honey better the other honeys? In some fields, yes. Is manuka the best natural treatment for MRSA? Yes. But this doesn’t mean it is the best honey in everything. This would be a very simplistic way of considering things. Manuka is a very good honey, yet not a panacea, it cannot be considered good for all the diseases in the world. So, no, it is not better than the other honeys, but different. Generally, honey is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, wound and sunburn… Read More

Gelam honey makes the cancer cells commit suicide!

lelaleuca honey aka cajeput honey or gelam honey benefits for health

What are Gelam Honey’s (aka Melaleuca or Cajeput honey) benefits for our health? How is this that cancer cells commit suicide? What’s in honey that is so bad to them? Lately, there have been lots of studies on its benefits, but probably the most important activity of honey that was researched was its antiproliferative and apoptosis induction. Meaning if it heals cancer or not, because this is our most acute concern these days! Induces apoptosis in cancer cells. First, what… Read More

What is melaleuca honey? Or gelam honey? Why so many different names?

melaleuca honey aha cajeput honey aka gelam honey

What is melaleuca honey? And who heard of this, anyway? And why so many studies about a honey that cannot be found on the market? Could it be from the actual Tea tree? The truth is that all countries have specific trees and that some names are borrowed as they are, others are translated, others are scientific, and others are kept from tradition. This is what happens to this tree and to so many others on this planet. But it’s important… Read More

Acacia honey is made of false acacia!

acacia honey aka black locust honey

It’s true: Acacia honey isn’t made from acacia! There are some unifloral types of honey that are similar all over the world, like acacia honey or linden honey. Others are only appreciated in specific parts of world, like honeydew honey (fir or pine honey) is in Europe. Other types like eucalyptus, thyme, orange blossom honey are appreciated more in their origin places. But all Americans love acacia honey. Probably because the tree originates from their country, or because of the purity of the color and… Read More

Propolis is one of the best rejuvenate skin care products

use propolis for skin conditions and cosmetics

Our market is full of rejuvenate-skin-care products. Mostly natural, as it should be these days. Propolis is a product which comes from antiquity and today it has scientifically proven itself to be one of the best in treating skin diseases and beautifying our complexion. Cosmetics has embraced it and now is heavily using it. Coming from the bark of trees, propolis is basically made of tree resin. The word propolis comes from Greek: “pro” = in front, “polis” = city. Which is “in… Read More

Propolis treats otorhinolaryngologic and respiratory diseases

how to treat nasopharyngitis

Everybody has wandered how to treat tonsillitis naturally. Generally after trying OTC drugs. Or how to treat sinusitis naturally. Or rhinofaringitis and bronchitis. One powerful option to all of these is PROPOLIS. Otorhinolaryngologic and respiration diseases (ear, nose, throat, lungs) are our neverending problems. Many scientists and therapists have studied the effects of propolis in these fields. Probably the most important studies were carried by: Marcucci, Asavova, Shkenderov-Ivanov, Tichonov, Crisan. According to their studies, propolis treated the following diseases: · Chronic and acute inflammation of the inner… Read More

Propolis: a natural treatment for oral health

propolis can help teeth problems

Propolis is indeed a natural treatment for gum disease, bad breath, teeth and mocosa diseases. In fewer words: a good friend of our oral hygiene. Dentistry is the domain that has fully accepted propolis as a reliable therapeutic product. It had been scientifically researched the most and now propolis is applied in different dental specialties: oral hygiene; periodontology and oral mucosa pathologies; oral surgery; orthodontics; restorative dentistry; endodontics and prosthetic dentistry. Oral Hygiene Due to its antibiotic properties, propolis is used in oral hygiene a lot.… Read More

Forms of bee propolis: ointment, pills, essence, spray, syrup, toothpaste and?

what kind of propolis shall I take

You may not be aware, but propolis is part of our lives now, like it was since the Pharaohs. Products with bee propolis: ointment, creme, tincture, essence, pills, nasal spray, oral spray, lozenge, suppositories, syrup, food supplement in capsules and powder, lip balm, toothpaste and others. You will see propolis on their label, especially if you are buying from a naturist shop. And, we will soon have an intravenous propolis solution, thanks to the continuous work of Michel Simics from Canada. An IV treatment has… Read More

How to make propolis tincture

DIY propolis tincture

Ok, it’s the Do-It-Yourself time now, it’s funny, it’s eco, it’s cheaper. It’s something we can take pictures of, make a brilliant collage, post on Pinterest and get credit for! And boy, are we proud of ourselves, or not?! But when this product is on the market, at a click distance from your hand, cheap in some places and more expensive in others, yet, there with all explanations, why would we want to make propolis tincture at home? The best… Read More

How to take propolis tincture? Here is some folk medicine.

how to take propolis

Our folk medicine is teaching us how to take propolis, from its experience. It’s good to know what worked for centuries, and learn how to adjust the dosage to our daily conditions. Propolis tincture works in many cases, where classic drugs fail. The dosages described here are not coming from scientific research or medical reviews. These are traditional folk remedies used in Romania for hundred of years. (Romania is a South-Eastern country with international well-recognized tradition in beekeeping and apitherapy. Nicolae V. Ilieşiu, the… Read More