What’s the best honey in the world? What’s so special at the Romanian honey?

Which is the best honey

Somebody asked me once what is the best honey in the world. I said there is no such thing, and then I read about contests called “The Best Honey”. So maybe just being raw is not enough? Which is the best honey in the world? From where comes the reputation of Romanian honey? Why is it so appreciated? In June 2014, China’s Minister of Agriculture decided to find out the answer and paid Romania a visit. We are talking about China,… Read More

Eucalyptus honey

health benefits of eucalyptus honey

EUCALYPTUS honey is usually a honey harvested from Eucalyptus globulus, probably the most well-known evergreen tree from all Eucalyptus species. Many Eucalyptus species were introduced from Australia at the beginning of the twentieth century and are found in the Mediterranean countries of Europe, cultivated mainly along the coasts (the tree has a good resistance to the coastal climate), for the paper industry, for the essential oil and as ornamental species. All species are very attractive to bees that gather from them both nectar and pollen. Botanical name of the plant: Eucalyptus globulus… Read More

Save the bees and plant some melliferous flowers, aka honey plants!

seed melliferous flowers

Everyone of us can help a little and save the bees. Spread some melliferous flowers seeds and this will help the bees find more food. We don’t have to turn into beekeepers for this. What are melliferous flowers? Translating this is will be like “a flower that makes honey”. Can’t they all? Don’t all flowers have pollen and nectar? No. And even more, not all flowers that make nectar and pollen are liked and visited by bees. First because the… Read More

The truth about psoriasis natural treatments: honey, propolis, bee venom or other natural products.

honey propolis and bee venom can cure psoriasis

As medicine doesn’t really work, people are searching for natural treatments to treat psoriasis. But are they trully working? Is honey, propolis, bee venom or other natural products a valid solution? And what exactly do they cure? Psoriasis is more than just sore skin! Let’s take a look at them. Is honey good for psoriasis? Yes, it its. There were studies proving that honey succesfully treated oral psoriasis. Just like it treated stomatitis (inflammation of the mouth mucose) and other oral lesions… Read More

How big is the danger of killer bees? Will they invade the whole planet?

just run if you see a swarm of Africanized bees

Killer bees. You must have heard of them and want to know which is the best defense against killer bees, or where are they located right now. Because there is, indeed, an invasion going on at this moment. Killer bees are just another chapter of the story “Stupid things that humans did to the planet and themselves!” Never ask “why”. The answer is always the same: greed. The killer bees are a very popular subject these days, and for a… Read More

What is Ayurveda? Can a westerner use Ayurveda to heal himself?

Talking about what good honey does to our body, I’ve often mentioned Ayurveda. But what is Ayurveda? Can we as westerners, use Ayurveda to treat our diseases? Can we find here all the necessarily ingredients? Do we have doctors to prescribe us the right remedies? I’m sure everybody has considered all these questions, while searching for finding alternative solutions to our classical, full of sides-effects drugs. I have to admit that our alophatic, Western medicine is A LOT easier. Things are pretty… Read More