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Bee Pollen Composition

what is the composition of bee pollen

Bee pollen composition has been studied for decades and scientists have reached relevant conclusions, including big differences among each pollen type. The differences are also given by the way bee pollen is stored and processed. There are more than 200 substances present in bee pollen. What is bee pollen? To collect bee pollen, beekeepers place traps inside the hive and when bees arrive with their loads of pollen attached to the hind legs, they must force their way through. Because of the… Read More

Willow bee pollen – food that improves blood circulation and is very nutritious!

what is willow bee pollen good for

Willow bee pollen is one food that improves blood circulation, fights prostate cancer and is very nutritious. And the list doesn’t stop here. Willows do not produce high amounts of nectar, so the bees cannot make much honey, but they are a valuable source of pollen. And honey bees appreciate that. These days nutritionists say bee pollen is the most nutritious food we can eat! This study also tells us that bee pollen is vitaminic, contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory plant phenolics, as… Read More

What is blackberry honey and what is it good for?

blackberry honey

All raspberries have beautiful flowers and plenty of nectar. And bees love them all. Let’s see what is blackberry honey and what is it good for. From a health perspective. Blackberry. Or black raspberry? Black raspberry is a common name for three species of genus Rubus: – Rubus leucodermis, native to western North America – Rubus occidentalis, native to eastern North America (some people associated black raspberries only with this species. Also called wild blackberries) – Rubus coreanus, aka Korean black raspberry, native to Korea,… Read More

What is moringa honey? And what is moringa leaf powder?

what is moringa honey good for

If you live in the East you’ll surely know about moringa. But if you don’t, you need to be really passionate about eating healthy superfoods to hear about it. And I’m sure you’ve wondered: What is moringa honey and where can be found? And what is moringa leaf powder? How super is this superfood? It is considered that they are all amazing, though some info will tell you for example that moringa is way superior to kale. The funny thing is that… Read More

Can I keep bees in my backyard? Yes. Meet the city bees!

keeping bees in the city

Why are there bees in the cities? I know they travel a lot in search of nectar, but in the center of a city where there is basically only concrete, there shouldn’t be any bees, in my opinion. How about backyards, can I keep bees in my backyard? For me bees are connected to nature, and a city has little nature in it. But as with everything, things have changed here as well. Bees can live in a city, and the tendency… Read More

Noni honey aka morinda honey. And what is noni juice good for?

Noni. In my opinion the ugliest fruit on Earth. Not to mention its horrible smell! What is noni juice good for? Noni, aka morinda citrifolia, is widely known as one of the most healthiest superfood Nature has given us.  Its popularity is constantly increasing being more and more used as a dietary supplement, a food functional ingredient, or as a natural health enhancer. As expected, honey obtained from its nectar is an important product which brings a sweet flavored taste besides many health… Read More

You know about raw manuka honey benefits, but do you know if your manuka honey is not a fake?

how to know if it is fake manuka honey

It is well-known today that raw manuka honey benefits include a wide range of healing properties. But do you know that you have 80% chances of buying a fake manuka honey? This powerful antibacterial sweet product, with the fame of killing even MRSA, is a thick, dark-brown honey made from the nectar of Leptospermum scoparium, aka manuka tree, in New Zealand and Australia (though there is a debate whether the honey is identical or not depending on the geographical environment. see… Read More

Is New Zealand manuka honey BETTER than Australian manuka honey?

new zealand manuka honey vs australian manuka honey

Somebody asked me why New Zealand manuka honey is better than Australian manuka honey. The question was raised probably because of the general recommendation which is to buy manuka honey produced and packed in New Zealand. Not in Australia. So, why the difference? After decades of research on the properties of manuka honey, New Zealanders have managed to share the incredible health benefits that manuka honey can bring to the world. And this raised their GDP A LOT! Manuka honey is six times the… Read More