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WO = Work Onlinework from home, learn from home, enjoy being at home

This site is my passion. My work.
I am neither a programmer, nor a computer geek. But here I am, right now, working online, with passion for my passion!
As I like to say: I am at school, at work and at home in the same time. And I love it!
With this site, I started from zero. I had no idea how to write a page, or a post. Should I mention all the other details? 🙂

How it started.

I was searching the internet in look for ways of making money online and I only encountered sites waving dollars in my face, on all the screen, with happy-choleric faces saying they make $5000 a month! Give me a break! How come they are not billionaires yet and are still trying to steal money from people?
How come there is no law to punish these guys who can legally cheat and steal from you?

And so, when I gave up being completely sure that working online is dust in the eyes, I have discovered a school.
A school that teaches you how to start a website, how to choose a name for it, how to buy the right of owning that name, essentially how to build a site starting from zero. No previous knowledge, no html, no css, no SEO, no other complicated terms I had no idea what they were.
A way of working from home, but not clicking ads, not writing for others, not trying to get referrals and pushing my friends away, not a MLM.

But mostly, this school did not promise me $5000 a month!

They only said something like: “We can teach you how to build a site and how to make it your business. You have to study, you have to work. A lot. And remember you are doing this only for yourself. And it is possible, it was done before, it is done now, as we speak.”

– Have a passion on something. Like: gadgets, smartphones, cars, racing, cats, eating healthy, fitness, beer, meat, women, knitting, reading, children….. absolutely anything!
– Have a device: a computer, a laptop, a tablet, something to work on.
– Have Internet connection.
– Willing to always learn and share your knowledge with the world.
– Work.

Who can do this?
Anybody can do this. Even if you have a disability, if you are retired, if you are unemployed, if you are a mother raising her kids at home, if you are a student and want some extra cash, if you are employed and need some extra-money, if you already have a site and want to improve your knowledge, grow your site and make it famous.
I suppose, only if you cannot write, or are not able to see, you cannot build a website.
Or, you just don’t care.

So, what have I done?

I signed in. It’s free. And that’s a big deal. And once inside the school I understood how it works, what I will learn, if I have to pay for my training, if I can get help.

The most important question: how much does it cost?

There are 2 types of membership. A free one, called “starter” and a $47, called “premium”. But before choosing any of them you have the possibility of taking a very deep look into all the school. There are 7 days, like a free trial, which are equivalent to a premium membership. And you have full access to everything.

Why do they ask for money?

It’s a school. There is no free school. Not even the public ones are completely free. And besides up-to-date training and help they offer hosting to your sites and useful tools.
There are real people there, working for all these to happen.

What does free membership offer?

Well, it offers a lot, despite being free. I was on “free” for a very long period of time. Here it is:
– Two subdomains you can use to create 2 websites. Develop, grow, share, get you money.
– Initial training – which is ENOUGH to put you on the right track and teach you the necessary knowledge to make your site get ranked in Google.
– You cannot ask questions, but you can browse through others’, and believe me, there have been a lot of questions.
– STAY LIKE THAT! Nobody is forcing you to go premium or they will kick you out. You can just stay on a free side, watch them from the shadow, get inspiration, write on your blog there, gain experience, fill your site with content.

When should I get premium?

• When you got the basics and want more training. When you want to know what is PPC, what is FTP, what is a child theme or how to be well-seen by Google. And lots of other small, but important, internet things. Just like at school.
• When you have your own questions and need a trustful person to answer them without a hidden selling purpose.
• When you need other people’s help with comments, sharings, honest opinions.
• When you want free access to the school’s Keyword tool. (what is this? a tool that helps you find the best keywords to use in your website, so that you are better ranked and get more traffic).
• When you want to start making more than 2 free websites. 10 or 50. your choice. Why would you do that? Well, they can teach you some tricks. You’ll see.

work from home

How is a site called a business?

After building a website on a niche, on a passion, you can promote certain products related to your site, thus becoming an affiliate. You will receive commissions for all the sales done by your visitors. I have met people admitting they earn like $6000 per month. They have many websites and work for over 5 years. I don’t aim that high, but who knows what future brings?

Name of this school?

Wealthy Affiliate University. 
Wealthy, because they make you a wealthy affiliate online worker. If you are willing to learn and work.

You can give it a try yourself. As I said: it’s free. 🙂

Here is a peep into the school, with a short presentation. The one who’s talking is Kyle, a co-founder of this school. A normal guy with a wife and a beautiful baby boy, who lives in Canada right now.
Play that video. After a couple of seconds a window pops us, inviting you to join WA. Just close it from X, and then push the play button of the video again. You can watch it entirely.

work from home click here sign
invitation to WA


Go ahead! Ask me anything!


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