Backlinks towards my site

External links (from sites that link to my site).
Mostly strange sites that won’t open. Some Arabian, yet connected to honey, but some with girl pictures, obviously with backlinks towards my site.

How can I possibly stop them from linking my site? And does these links influence the people that end up on Amazon? The use of blacklinks is something they use for SEO purposes only, real people visiting those sites do not see them.
So, in the worst case Google may get upset, but I cannot see how this can affect Amazon traffic. If I look through the traffic referrals the site or .net is nowhere.
Please tell me if there is something I don’t understand.

this page in particular.
Probably because it contains the words “body parts” – can this be connected to a sex site? It is unbelievable, but I have no other explanation. I am ready to delete this page and create another one, with the same content but with a different title. links this page 160 times.