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Cinnamon Honey Benefits

honey cinnamon benefits for children

Some people would say that if you are interested in cinnamon honey benefits, then you only want to be in trend.  It’s a new wave, like it was when we first heard of the goji berries, to give an example. The truth is that yes, it may be in trend, but it’s also a proven therapy, recommended by hundreds of years of healings. Taken separately, each of them is an incredible food and medicine. Combined, their effects doubles. Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory,… Read More

Cinnamon warning

cinnamon side effects

Many people nowadays are interested in folk remedies, and for a very good reason: they work. We heard of cinnamon honey benefits, but we also heard of something a little bit scary: cinnamon warning. So, it’s natural to ask if they are in fact good or bad. The cinnamon honey combination comes from the ancient Chinese medicine. And also from Ayurveda, the Indian ancient medicine. Meaning trustful sources, tested for hundreds of years. Both ingredients are powerful food, so combining… Read More

What is fake honey?

honey and pollen

1. Honey made in China. (to be read “technologically manufactured”) In November 2011, Food Safety News announced that Vaughn Bryant, director of the Palynology Research Laboratory, had made a sad discovery:  75% of honey on US supermarket shelves contained no pollen at all, having been made through an ultra-filtration technique perfected by Chinese producers. (Smart people I would say, yet if they think we should eat that stuff, they are more under the intelligence of a bee.)The pollen is like the honey’s DNA,… Read More